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Appointment of the Public Interest Monitor and two Deputy Public Interest Monitors
The Public Interest Monitor (PIM) and Deputy Public Interest Monitors (DPIMs) are appointed by the Governor in Council under section 324 of the Crime and Corruption Act 2001 and section 740 of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000. The DPIM and PIM’s functions include: appearing in court hearings to test the validity of applications by law enforcement authorities for surveillance device

Conserving Nature – a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for Queensland
The Queensland Auditor General’s report ‘Conserving threatened species (Report 7: 2018- 19)’ included a recommendation to develop an “integrated and comprehensive conservation strategy for Queensland, to meet the requirements of the Nature Conservation Act 1992”. The report recommended the strategy be supported by plans for: investment and implementation; engagement and communication; and monitori

Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience 2022-2027
The Queensland Government is committed to strengthening disaster resilience so our communities are better equipped to deal with the increasing prevalence of natural disasters. Queensland is the most disaster affected state in Australia. Since 2011, Queensland has experienced 97 significant natural disasters, including floods, severe weather events, cyclones and bushfires, with more than $20 billio

Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022
The Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (the Bill) proposes amendments to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 to ensure they remain fit for purpose as the main instruments of environmental and waste regulation. The proposed amendments: support industry and streamline administrative processes better protect the environ

The First Nations Training Strategy
Under the $200 million Future Skills Fund, the Queensland Government committed to developing a First Nations Training Strategy (the Strategy), with the objective to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities to develop skills relevant to local needs and compete for jobs in the future economy. The Strategy, titled ‘Paving the Way’ has been developed following extensive con

Draft Master Plans for priority ports Hay Point-Mackay & Abbot Point
The Sustainable Ports Development Act 2015 (the Ports Act) provides the legislative framework for the Queensland Government’s port-related commitments and actions of the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan, including mandating master planning for the priority ports. The Ports Act designates the ports of Hay Point/Mackay and Abbot Point as priority ports. The draft master plans for the priority

Police Service Administration and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2022
The Police Service Administration and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2022 (the Bill) aims to improve the effectiveness of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). Amendments in the Bill to the Police Service Administration Act 1990 (PSAA) improves the police discipline system by: allowing the start of a disciplinary proceeding to be delay

Update on government achievements and investment in the Thursday Island region
The Torres Strait is a unique and sacred part of our State, and Thursday Island is one of 18 inhabited islands in the Torres Strait Island region in the State Electorate of Cook. Thursday Island, traditionally known as “Waiben”, is the land of the Kaurareg Aboriginal people. Thursday Island acts as the administrative hub for the Torres Strait Islands, with state and federal government agencies be

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts and Crafts inquiry and new National Cultural Policy
In August 2021, the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications announced the Productivity Commission would undertake a study to examine the value, nature, and structure of markets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and crafts, and policies to address deficiencies in these markets. The Productivity Commission’s Aboriginal and T

Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan
In June 2021, the Queensland Government committed to the development of an energy plan for Queensland to outline the State’s pathway to achieve the 50 per cent Queensland Renewable Energy Target (QRET), position Queensland for clean industrial growth, and support new jobs. The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan sets a clear vision to transform the energy system and deliver clean, reliable and afforda

Response to South East Queensland Rainfall and Flooding Event February to March 2022 Report 1
Over the course of 22 February 2022 to 7 March 2022, South East Queensland experienced a significant rainfall and flooding event. Intense rainfall led to flash flooding and riverine flooding across large areas of South East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast. It is estimated that approximately one-tenth of the state’s total population were directly affected in some way. Tragically 13 people lost th

Communities 2032 – a whole of government strategy for Queensland’s communities
Communities 2032 is a 10 year, whole-of-government strategy that provides a positive future vision for our state: that Queensland’s communities support and empower every person to connect, participate, contribute and thrive. Communities 2032 articulates a set of objectives to promote vibrancy and inclusion in our communities, support equitable growth and address growing inequalities, ensuring that