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Local Government Electoral (Implementing Stage 1 of Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
On 12 October 2017, the Premier and Minister for the Arts introduced the Local Government Electoral (Implementing Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (the Belcarra Bill 2017). The Belcarra Bill 2017 lapsed with the dissolution of the 55th Parliament. Consistent with the Belcarra Bill 2017, the Local Government Electoral (Implementing Stage 1 of Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amend

Appointments to workers' compensation medical assessment tribunals
Medical assessment tribunals are established under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act) to provide an independent system of medical review and assessment of injury and impairment sustained by workers. Under section 493(1) of the Act, the Governor in Council may appoint a panel of doctors for designation to a tribunal. Cabinet endorsed that Dr James Douglas and Dr Katheri

Appointments of referees to Development Tribunals
The Development Tribunals are established to hear appeals against decisions made under the Planning Act 2016, Building Act 1975, Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002, Residential Services (Accreditation) Act 2002, South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009 (SEQ Water Act) and matters prescribed under a regulation. The general referees have been selected from across Quee

Modernising the Fisheries Act 1994
Queensland’s fisheries resources are managed by the Queensland Government on behalf of the broader community. Over the last decade it has become apparent that the current framework used to manage these resources is not optimising the potential economic, social and environmental outcomes these resources could generate for the community. The Queensland Government released the Sustainable Fisheries

Queensland Parole System Reform Implementation Progress Report
The Queensland Parole System Review, led by Mr Walter Sofronoff QC, presented the Queensland Parole System Review (QPSR) Report to the Premier and Minister for the Arts on 1 December 2016. The Report made 91 recommendations for complete reform of Queensland’s parole system. The Queensland Government supported or supported-in-principle 89 of the 91 recommendations and committed funding of $265 mil

Appointments to Board of Architects of Queensland
The Board of Architects of Queensland (the Board) is established under the Architects Act 2002 (the Act) to maintain a register of registered architects; protect the public by ensuring only competent, qualified persons practice as registered architects; ensure registered architects maintain appropriate technical and professional standards; investigate complaints against architects and take discipl

Appointments to Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland
The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (the Board) is established under the Professional Engineers Act 2002 (the Act) to maintain a register of registered professional engineers; protect the public interest by ensuring only competent, qualified persons practice as registered professional engineers; ensure registered professional engineers maintain appropriate technical and professional

Appointment to Gasfields Commission
The Gasfields Commission Act 2013 (the Act) establishes the Gasfields Commission to manage and improve the sustainable coexistence of landholders, regional communities and the onshore gas industry in Queensland. The Act provides that the Gasfields Commission is made up of a full-time or part-time commissioner, who is the chairperson, and up to six part-time commissioners. It also requires that whe

Update on economic conditions and key achievements in Ipswich region
The economy of the Ipswich region is supported by: health care and social assistance; retail trade; manufacturing; construction; and public administration and safety. To support regional economic growth in Ipswich, the Queensland Government is leading or helping facilitate progress on projects that include critical upgrades to transport, infrastructure, schools and hospitals, and initiatives aimed

Government Response to Finance and Admin Committee Report No 51 Strategic Review of Queensland Audit Office
The Auditor-General Act 2009 requires a strategic review of the Queensland Audit Office to be undertaken approximately every five years. Ms Phillippa Smith and Mr Graham Carpenter were appointed to carry out the strategic review on 26 July 2016 by the Governor in Council. The report on the Strategic Review of the Queensland Audit Office (the Strategic Review Report) reviewed the Auditor-General’

Vegetation Management and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
The government is committed to introducing legislation to further protect remnant and high conservation value regrowth vegetation; updating and improving the mapping of protected vegetation; amending accepted development vegetation clearing codes based on Queensland Herbarium advice; and aligning the definition of High Conservation Value with high-value regrowth vegetation. Legislative amendments

Agriculture and Food Research Development and Extension 10 Year Roadmap and Action Plan
Under the Food and Fibre Plan for agriculture the Government committed to develop a 10-year research and development (R&D) blueprint for agriculture and food to enhance scientific collaboration within the State, ensure R&D is aligned with emerging opportunities and seek new and imaginative ways to attract new funds. A Discussion Paper released in June 2017 was the subject of extensive consultation

Resilient Queensland 2018-21 - Delivering the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience
Resilient Queensland 2018–21 – Delivering the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience (Resilient Queensland) seeks to incorporate the considerable knowledge and experience that already exists across government and non-government organisations to deliver a comprehensive and coordinated all-hazards approach to building disaster resilience throughout Queensland. Resilient Queensland is a road map

Queensland Drones Strategy
The Queensland Government recognises the potential for economic growth and jobs creation arising from the global drone industry. Queensland has an established industry presence in the use, design and manufacture of drones. More than 30 per cent of Australia’s growing drone industry is located in Queensland. It is expected that almost three million drones will be produced in 2017, a 39 per cent inc

Disability Services and Other Legislation (Worker Screening) Amendment Bill 2018
Under the Disability Services Act 2006, Queensland has a fully operational worker screening system for people working or volunteering with people with disability in service outlets (the yellow card system). The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Quality and Safeguarding Framework will apply in Queensland following full scheme implementation of the NDIS in Queensland. This Framework provi

Our Future State - Advancing Queensland Priorities
Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities was developed to build on the Government’s commitments and to harness a whole-of-Government effort to deliver for Queensland. There are six outcome priorities for the Queensland community: Create jobs in a strong economy Give all our children a great start Keep Queenslanders healthy Keep communities safe Protect the Great Barrier Reef Be a res

Appointments to Non-State Schools Accreditation Board
Section 97 of the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2017 (the Act) provides for the establishment of the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (the Board). The functions of the Board are set out in section 100 of the Act and include: assessing applications for accreditation of non-state schools; assessing and monitoring the suitability of their governing bodies; assessing and

Queensland Defence Industries and Queensland Aerospace Roadmaps and Action Plans
Growing Queensland’s biofutures; advanced manufacturing; defence; aerospace; biomedical; and mining equipment, technology and services sectors is a priority for the Queensland Government. These sectors have global growth potential and present a significant opportunity to advance Queensland’s economic prosperity. The Queensland Defence Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan and the Queensland

Ministerial Recordkeeping and Information Management
In response to the Premier’s public commitment to the provision of explicit advice and support for ministerial recordkeeping, all relevant policies have been updated regarding ministerial and recordkeeping and information security. Cabinet approved amendments to The Queensland Ministerial Handbook and the Ministerial Information Security Policy. Cabinet approved the Private Email Use Policy. Cab

Consequential Marriage Equality Amendment to Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act
The Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017 (Commonwealth) (MADRF Act) commenced in December 2017. The MADRF Act introduced marriage equality by amending the definition of marriage to enable same-sex couples to marry. All Australians regardless of sex or gender have the right to be married in Australia. Same-sex marriages have been taking place since the commencement of the

Project Management Office work program regarding Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis Select Committee recommendations
On 29 May 2017, the Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Select Committee tabled its Report No. 2 – Inquiry into the re-identification of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis in Queensland. The Queensland Government’s response to the Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Select Committee’s report was tabled on 8 September 2017. The government’s response committed to establishing a Project Management Office to undertake

Assignment of Ministers to communities under Ministerial Champions Program
The Ministerial and Government Champions Program (the Program) operates across all remote, discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Program's objectives are to increase economic and social participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders, while valuing, promoting and celebrating culture. The Program plays a key role in driving change and delivering improv

Response - Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry - remote indigenous service delivery
The Queensland Productivity Commission’s Final Report - Inquiry into Service Delivery in remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities (QPC Inquiry Final Report) was provided to the Queensland Government in December 2017. The Inquiry was announced to respond to concerns from Indigenous leaders about outcomes in remote and discrete communities, and has considered: what the