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Annual progress on Advancing North Queensland – Five Priority Areas
In June 2016, the Queensland government endorsed Advancing North Queensland – Investing in the Future of the North, which outlines actions dedicated to growing the North Queensland (NQ) economy, with efforts focussed on five priority areas: roads infrastructure water and energy security research and innovation tourism, trade and investment North Queensland Stadium Under this plan, the Governmen

Update on economic conditions and key issues in Cairns region
The Cairns regional economy is fairly diversified, with economic activity driven by a range of industries. The largest economic sectors in the Cairns region are retail trade, health care and social assistance, public administration and safety, education and training, and construction. The Queensland Government announced a number of significant initiatives for the broader Far North Queensland regio

Councillor Complaints Review Report
In 2016, the Queensland Government announced the appointment of an independent panel to review arrangements for dealing with complaints about the conduct of local government councillors. The review was commissioned to examine and evaluate the effectiveness of the current councillor conduct complaints system to ensure that councillors are held to high standards of ethical and legal behaviour. The

Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017-2027
In 2011, the Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011–2021 was launched, replacing the 2003 strategy, and outlining the then Queensland Government’s policy direction, priorities and specific actions to achieve a vision of ‘more cycling, more often on safe, direct and connected routes’. The Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017–2027 carries forward the Queensland Government’s vision of ‘more cycling, more often’

DIGITAL1ST Advancing our Digital Future - the Queensland Government Digital Strategy for 2017 to 2021
The Queensland Government is focussed on becoming a leader in digital government services. DIGITAL1ST: Advancing our digital future is the Queensland Government’s digital strategy for 2017 to 2021. Through a co-design process with community, industry, academia and government stakeholders, a digital strategy has been put forward as a contemporary way to provide an overarching framework for Governm

Education (Overseas Students) Bill 2017
The Education (Overseas Student) Bill 2017: repeals the Education (Overseas Students) Act 1996 and provides for new legislation to regulate providers of courses to overseas students, which better aligns with Queensland’s responsibilities under the cooperative model of shared responsibility between the Australian and Queensland government; provides a new legislative framework for the regulation of

Update on economic conditions and key issues in Gold Coast region
The Gold Coast economy is fairly diversified, with economic activity driven by a range of industries. The largest economic sectors in the Gold Coast region are the health care and social assistance, construction, retail, accommodation and food services (tourism), and professional, scientific and technical services sectors. The Government announced a number of significant initiatives for the Gold C

Appointment of members to Griffith University Council
The Griffith University Council (the Council) is the governing body of the University established by the Griffith University Act 1998 (the Act). Section 5 of the Act outlines the functions of the University which generally provides for education at university standard and courses of study or instruction (at the levels of achievement the Council considers appropriate) to meet the needs of the commu

Queensland Mining Equipment, Technology and Services 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan
Growing Queensland’s mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sectors is a priority for the Queensland Government. This sector has global growth potential and presents a significant opportunity to advance Queensland’s economic prosperity. The Queensland METS 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan aims to grow the METS sector in this state to create the innovative, profitable and environmentally s

Discussion Paper on expanding patient safety and quality reporting across Queenslands health system
In June 2017, the Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services announced the intention to consult with the community and key stakeholders about expanding the public reporting of patient safety in Queensland. . Evidence from both Australia and international jurisdictions continues to confirm that the safest hospitals which provide the highest quality of care to patients are those that ha

Better procurement to deliver local employment, economic, social and environmental outcomes
By enhancing procurement policy and practice, the Queensland Government can provide the required goods and services needed for the delivery of frontline services, while also supporting genuine jobs for the community, improving regional growth, stimulating innovation, and achieving environmental and social outcomes. The Queensland Government Procurement Strategy outlines the government’s vision for

South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 and amendments to the Planning Regulation 2017
The Queensland Government has reviewed the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 and associated regulatory provisions to take into account changes in the region, revised growth, population and employment projections and evolving government policies. Under the Planning Act 2016, as commenced on 3 July 2017, the regulatory provisions to support the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 (S

Report on efficacy and utilisation of Townsville youth residential rehabilitation units and family accommodation
On 21 April 2015, Government announced funding of $11.8 million (over four years) to establish two, four bed youth residential and rehabilitation units (YRRUs) and family accommodation in Townsville. The two YRRUs opened in January and March 2016 to provide clinical and psychosocial support to a young person aged 16-21 years with severe, complex and persistent mental illness medium to long term

Child Protection Reform Amendment Bill 2017
The Queensland Government has committed to implementing the child and family reforms recommended by the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry (QCPCOI) in its 2013 final report Taking Responsibility: A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection. The reforms are being delivered as part of the Supporting Families Changing Futures reform program released in April 2016. The review of the Child

Queensland Advancing Health Research 2026
Health and medical research plays a central role in generating innovative, more effective and more efficient (better value) ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Queensland Advancing Health Research 2026 has been developed as Queensland Health’s Strategy for guiding research investment decisions and actions to support the type of health and medical research that will ultimately lead to bett

Appointments to the Child Death Case Review Panel
Chapter 7A of the Child Protection Act 1999 (CPA) provides a system for the review of the involvement of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (DCCSDS) with particular children who have since died or suffered serious injury. The system includes a review by the chief executive and a further independent review by a panel of appropriately qualified persons (the Child De

Appointments to Board of Queensland College of Teachers
The Queensland College of Teachers is a statutory body established by the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005 (the Act). Chapter 10, part 1 of the Act outlines the functions of the Queensland College of Teachers which include: granting registration or permission to teach; initial and ongoing eligibility requirements for registration and permission to teach; deciding applications fo

Government Response to Committee Report No 33 Sustainable Queensland Dairy Production (Fair Milk Price Logos) Bill 2016
On 13 October 2016, the Sustainable Queensland Dairy Production (Fair Milk Price Logos) Bill 2016 was introduced into Parliament by Mr Shane Knuth MP, Member for Dalrymple. The Bill provides for the establishment of logos for containers of fresh milk produced in particular regions, and for which fair prices have been paid to dairy farmers. It also provides a mechanism for setting fair prices and t

Queensland Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Procurement Policy
The Queensland Government is committed to job creation and the development of a diverse economy. While this commitment extends to all Queenslanders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders do not participate equally in Queensland’s economy or labour market. An action under Moving Ahead, a whole-of-Government strategy to drive improvements in economic participation outcomes for Aborigin

Appointments to Medical Assessment Tribunals under the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
Medical assessment tribunals are established under Chapter 11 of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act) to provide an independent and non-adversarial system of medical review and assessment of injury and impairment sustained by workers. Under section 493 of the Act, the Governor in Council may appoint a panel of doctors for designation to a tribunal, and may appoint one pe

Appointment Public Trust Office Investment Board
The common fund (which is invested by the Public Trustee) is established under section 19 of the Public Trustee Act 1978 (the Act). All investments of the common fund are controlled and managed by the Public Trust Office Investment Board (the Board). Generally, the Public Trustee, under section 21(5) of the Act, has the following obligations: to not invest funds without the Board’s approval; to sa

Appointment of members to Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 (QCAT Act) establishes QCAT and provides for appointment of members and adjudicators. Sections 183 and 198 of the QCAT Act provide that: as many senior members, ordinary members and adjudicators as are required for the proper functioning of the tribunal must be appointed; a senior member, ordinary member or adjudicator must be recommended f

Fair Trading (Fuel Price Board) Regulation 2017
The Fair Trading (Fuel Price Board) Regulation 2017 (the Regulation), made under the Fair Trading Act 1989, prohibits the display of discounted prices on fuel price boards. The Regulation also prescribes a co-ordinated process for changing the display of fuel prices on fuel price boards and fuel pumps when prices change. The Regulation is intended to reduce the risk of motorists being confused by

Queensland Bulk Water Opportunities Statement
In March 2016, the Queensland Government released the State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) and committed to an infrastructure reform agenda. As part of the implementation of the SIP, the Department of Energy and Water Supply developed the Queensland Bulk Water Opportunities Statement (QBWOS) as a state strategic infrastructure document (referenced in the SIP as the Queensland Future Water Security Stra