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Appointment to Board of Energex Limited
The Boards of Government Owned Corporations (GOCs) are established under the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 (GOC Act) and are responsible for overseeing the activities of GOCs to optimise their value by exercising sound commercial judgement. Under section 89(1) of the GOC Act directors of GOCs are appointed by the Governor in Council. A vacancy existed on the Board of Energex Limited (

Appointments Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Section 161 of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 (the QCAT Act) establishes QCAT and provides for appointment of members and adjudicators. Sections 183 and 198 of the QCAT Act provide that: as many senior members, ordinary members and adjudicators as are required for the proper functioning of the tribunal must be appointed; a senior member, ordinary member or adjudicator mu

Appointments to Family Responsibilities Commission
The Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC) is a statutory body established under the Family Responsibilities Commission Act 2008 (the Act) and is the central feature of welfare reform. The FRC operates to restore local Indigenous authority and build stronger and more resilient communities by attaching behavioural obligations to the receipt of welfare payments. The FRC currently comprises the Co

Building Queensland Bill 2015
The Building Queensland Bill 2015 (the Bill) arises as a result of the Government’s election commitment to establishing Building Queensland as an independent statutory body. Building Queensland will be an effective step in ensuring a whole-of-government perspective is brought to major infrastructure planning and investment in Queensland. The Bill provides for Building Queensland to have the follow

Grantham Commission of Inquiry
There have been public calls from Grantham residents and the Mayor of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Steve Jones AM, for a new inquiry into the flooding of the Lockyer Creek between Helidon and Grantham on 10 January 2011. A Commission of Inquiry will be established into the flooding of the Lockyer Creek between Helidon and Grantham on 10 January 2011. The focus of the Commission of Inquiry

Etheridge Integrated Agriculture Project
Integrated Food and Energy Developments (IFED) was established to develop a world-leading, large-scale, vertically-integrated, privately-funded, broad-acre irrigated cropping, grazing and primary processing business in the Etheridge Shire, North Queensland. The Etheridge Integrated Agriculture Project (EIAP) will have an initial focus of producing sugar, guar gum, cattle and associated by-produc

Release of Queensland Fisheries Review recommendations
The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries manages Queensland’s fisheries resources on behalf of all Queenslanders. Fisheries are a public resource, contested by thousands of commercial producers and hundreds of thousands of recreational fishers in Queensland. There is a vast policy and legislative framework of regulations, procedures, practices, rules, limits and permit conditions to manage fish

Response to Report on Auditor General Reports on Private practice arrangements in Qld hospitals
In late 2012, the Crime and Misconduct Commission reported significant findings to Government in relation to the operation of Right of Private Practice (RoPP) arrangements in Queensland Health. The report highlighted that the scheme was not managed effectively. In November 2012, the Queensland Audit Office (QAO) commenced an audit into the RoPP arrangements in Queensland Health to determine wheth

Heavy Vehicle National Law Amendment Bill 2015
The Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012 (HVNL) is a national scheme legislation central to the national heavy vehicle reform agenda. The Heavy Vehicle National Law Amendment Bill 2015 makes necessary changes to: implement nationally agreed reforms to encourage the use of electronic work diaries promote further harmonisation of the penalties for offences throughout the HVNL remove unnecessary admin

Industrial Relations (Restoring Fairness) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
The Industrial Relations (Restoring Fairness) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 amends the Industrial Relations Act 1999 to restore fairness to Queensland public sector and local government sector employees in line with the Government’s election commitments and priorities. The Bill includes amendments to: re-instate conditions for government workers, including by amending provisions relat

Renewal Memorandum of Understanding Qld and Smithsonian Institution USA
Since 2000, the Queensland Government has maintained a strategic relationship with the Smithsonian Institution through a Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum) administered by the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation. The Memorandum lapsed on 31 March 2015 and the renewed Memorandum will maintain the exchange of ideas, information, skills and techniques between Queenslan

National Harmonisation of Explosives Legislation
In July 2008, the Productivity Commission Report on Chemicals and Plastics Regulation recommended that an integrated review of explosives legislation, regulations and the Australian Explosives Code be undertaken to deliver national consistency. In December 2012, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed that the harmonisation of explosives regulation would continue to be progressed by th

Qld Training Assets Repeal Bill 2015
The Queensland Training Assets Management Authority Repeal Bill 2015: repeals the Queensland Training Assets Management Authority Act 2014 and abolishes the Queensland Training and Assets Management Authority (QTAMA); transfers the assets and liabilities of QTAMA to the Department of Education and Training; provides that the Chief Executive Officer and the board members go out of office; and p

Qld Govt response Senate inquiry regional capitals
The Queensland Government considers that Queensland regional capitals should be well planned with the right infrastructure in the right places to support a growing population and strong, prosperous and diverse regional economies. As the most decentralised state in Australia, Queensland has taken every opportunity available to unlock regional productivity and economic growth. On 11 February 2015, t

Tropical Cyclone Marcia Recovery Monthly Progress Report May 2015
The destructive winds, heavy rainfall and flood events of Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia (TC Marcia), which crossed the Queensland coast on 20 February 2015, have had a catastrophic effect on many Queensland communities. The scale and scope of damage from TC Marcia has seen the activation of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) in 19 local government areas. The monthly rep

Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
The Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 (the Bill) implements election commitments made by the Government in the ‘Improving safety for Queenslanders at work’ policy platform. Key changes being given effect by the Bill include: allowing work health and safety (WHS) entry permit holders to enter a workplace immediately if they suspect a contravention has occurred and

Wildlife Species Reclassification
The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is proposing to amend the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulation 2006 to reclassify the conservation status of various wildlife (plant and animal) species, in accordance with recommendations made by the Species Technical Committee (STC). The STC, a panel of government and non-government scientific experts, assesses the conservation status of