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Abbot Point Growth Gateway Project
Expansion of the Port of Abbot Point is critical to unlock the ‘greenfield’ Galilee Basin, which covers an area of approximately 247,000 square kilometres and contains a very large inferred resource of mostly volatile, low-sulphur thermal coal. The opening up of the Galilee Basin has the potential to create significant long-term benefits for Queensland, with job creation in mining, construction an

Report of the Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence
The Queensland Government is committed to making Queensland a safe place for everyone to live. Domestic and family violence is a serious and complex issue resulting in significant human and economic costs to Queenslanders and the Queensland economy. The Taskforce, chaired by The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO, was established on 10 August 2014. Its Terms of Reference and membership were anno

Exhibited Animals Bill 2015
The current Queensland legislation regulating animal exhibition is fragmented and there are gaps in the management of some animal welfare and safety risks. Some exhibitors need multiple licences (each with their own fees and processes) because they are regulated under more than one Act. Some species cannot be exhibited at all, even if the associated risks can be minimised. The reforms contained i

Improving mental health outcomes for young people in North Queensland and review of fatal mental health events
Rebuilding intensive mental healthcare for young people in North Queensland The Government’s election commitment Rebuilding intensive mental healthcare for young people, proposes an expansion of services in Townsville for young people with serious mental health issues and includes the following components: establish youth residential rehabilitation facilities for up to eight young people; and est

Implementing Working Queensland
Enabling the creation of jobs and lowering unemployment is a core Government priority. Accordingly, all government departments and agencies will be required to contribute to this commitment. Any job strategies will need to be planned and delivered in a cohesive, well sequenced manner with a solid and interconnecting policy logic. Significant initiatives have been identified under the Working Queen

Local Government and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
The Local Government and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 proposes amendments to the Local Government Electoral Act 2011 and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority Act 2011. To ensure local government elections are run to the same high standards of independence and efficiency as state and federal elections, the Bill amends the Local Government Electoral Act 2011 to ensure a local government

Tully Banana Industry- Biosecurity response to Panama Disease Tropical Race 4
Panama Disease Tropical Race 4 (TR4) has been confirmed on a Tully banana property. There are limited disease control options for TR4 as it cannot be effectively controlled using fungicides or other methods such as soil fumigants. The rate of spread of TR4 is dependent upon the success of physical containment and management mechanisms implemented on affected farms to reduce the risk of movement

Parliament of Queensland Amendment Bill 2015
During the election campaign, the Australian Labor Party released a policy document titled Labor will ensure that integrity and accountability are restored in Queensland, which included a commitment that autonomy of the Speaker in Parliament would be restored. In a letter dated 5 February 2015 to Mr Peter Wellington MP, the Premier and Minister for the Arts, as then Leader of the Opposition, commi

Payroll Tax Rebate Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
The Payroll Tax Rebate, Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 gives effect to a 2015 election commitment by the Government, funded for three years, in relation to a payroll tax rebate on the wages of apprentices and trainees (the Rebate). The Bill also proposed to amend the following: Payroll Tax Act 1971 – to give effect to the Rebate by extending the application of existing provis

Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia Recovery Plan
Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia (TC Marcia) crossed the Queensland coast near Shoalwater Bay, north of Yeppoon as a Category 5 cyclone at approximately 8.00 am on the morning of Friday, 20 February 2015. The cyclone moved in a southerly direction, weakening and impacting many communities within its path. The scale and scope of damage as a result of TC Marcia saw the activation of the Natural Disas

Tropical Cyclone Marcia Recovery Planning
The destructive winds, heavy rainfall and flood events of Tropical Cyclone (TC) Marcia have had a catastrophic effect on many Queensland communities, with the most severe impacts centred on Rockhampton, Biloela and Yeppoon. The scale and scope of damage as a result of TC Marcia has seen the activation of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements in the local government areas of Rockha

Townsville Sports Stadium
On 10 December 2014, the then Opposition Leader, announced a commitment to provide up to $100 million in funding towards the construction of a sports stadium in Townsville. Following the 16 February 2015 proclamation of the new government and subsequent conclusion of the Caretaker Convention Guidelines period, the government can now establish a process and program to progress investigations for th