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Abbot Point Growth Gateway - Project Delivery Arrangements for Approvals Stage
Expansion of the Port of Abbot Point is critical to unlock the ‘greenfield’ Galilee Basin, which covers an area of approximately 247,000 square kilometres and contains a very large inferred resource of mostly volatile, low sulphur thermal coal. The opening up of the Galilee Basin has the potential to create significant long-term benefits for Queensland, with job creation in mining, construction

Appointment to Valuers Registration Board of Qld
The Valuers Registration Board of Queensland (the Board) was established under the Valuers Registration Act 1965 and continues under section 5 of the Valuers Registration Act 1992. The Board’s main functions are to: protect the public through the registration of valuers; authorise the investigation of complaints about the conduct of registered valuers; take disciplinary action and commence proceed

Appointment Aboriginal Land Tribunal
Section 204 of the Aboriginal Land Act 1991 (the Act) establishes the Aboriginal Land Tribunal (the Tribunal). The Tribunal is independent and receives and hears claims made by groups of Aboriginal people to areas of claimable land and reports to the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines in relation to each claim. Section 204(2) of the Act provides for the appointment of a Chairperson and such

Appointments Information and Right to Information Commissioners
Section 123 of the Right to Information Act 2009 (the RTI Act) establishes the Information Commissioner and Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC). Under the RTI Act and Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act), the Information Commissioner is an independent statutory office holder appointed by the Governor in Council to exercise functions under the RTI Act and IP Act. Such functions include, b

Appointments to Queensland Reconstruction Authority Board
The Queensland Reconstruction Board is established under section 28 of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority Act 2011. As set out in section 29 of the Act, the functions of the Board are as follows: to set the strategic priorities for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority; to make recommendations to the Minister responsible for the Act about: priorities for community infrastructure, other pro

Appointments to South Bank Corporation
South Bank Corporation is a statutory corporation established under the South Bank Corporation Act 1989 (the Act). Its principal function is to promote, facilitate, carry out and control development with in the South Bank Corporation area, and includes providing for a diverse range of recreational, cultural and educational pursuits for visitors. The Act provides that the corporation must have a B

Child and family legislation reform program
On 1 July 2013, the Commission of Inquiry released its report Taking Responsibility: A Road Map for Queensland Child Protection. The Commission of Inquiry confirmed the child protection system is under immense stress and made 121 recommendations aimed at addressing the risk of systemic failure, and building a sustainable and effective child protection system over the next decade. In December 2013

Competition Policy Review Final Report - Qld Government Response
The Final Report of the Competition Policy Review was released in March 2015. The Review was the first overall examination of Australian competition policy since the Hilmer Review in 1994. The Report contains 56 recommendations covering competition policy, competition institutions and competition laws. The recommendations cover both Commonwealth and State and Territory actions and legislative a

Participation in the national eHealth agenda
Progressing a nationally coordinated approach to eHealth provides the national standards, specifications and infrastructure needed to be able to connect information systems across health settings (general practitioners, specialists, hospitals), and ensure the seamless availability of key health information. Continuing a nationally coordinated effort (as opposed to each state and territory impleme

Response to FAC Report No. 57 Inquiry into Public Sector Contract Extensions
Two Auditor-General reports to Parliament (Report No. 5 - 2012-13 Results of audit: State public sector entities for 2011-12 and Report No. 10: 2013-14 – Contract management: renewal and transition) examined the procurement practices for contract rollovers in all State public sector entities and whether agencies demonstrably achieve value for money for their goods and services contracts in their d

Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs Amendment Bill 2015
In 2013, a full review of the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009 (the Act) commenced to ensure the Act continues to deliver on its objectives for people with disability as well as industry. A stakeholder review panel was established to assist in the review of the Act. The panel consisted of government and non-government representatives, including peak/advocacy bodies, tourism and housing

Appointment of Hospital and Health Board members
The objects of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 (the Act) are to establish a public sector health system that delivers high quality hospital and other health services to persons in Queensland having regard to the principles and objectives of the national health system by: strengthening local decision-making and accountability, local consumer and community engagement, and local clinician en

Holidays Amendment Bill 2015
The Holidays and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 implements the election commitment made by the Government to honour the real Labour Day by reinstating the Labour Day public holiday, moving it from its current date of the first Monday in October to the first Monday in May each year. The commitment also provides for the movement of the Queen’s Birthday public holiday from June to October. The

Industrial Relations Restoring Fairness Amendment Bill 2015
In 2013, the Industrial Relations Act 1999 was amended to provide for statutory individual employment contracts, known as high income guarantee contracts. The Health and Hospital Boards Act 2011 was also amended to facilitate the use of contracts, particularly for senior doctors. The Government has committed to removing high income guarantee contract arrangements and restoring rights and entitleme

Govt Response to Committee Report No 59 Inquiry into Coastal Sea Freight
In December 2014, the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee tabled Report No. 59, ‘Inquiry into Coastal Sea Freight’. The Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee made 16 recommendations as practical strategies that aim to facilitate the development of a robust coastal shipping service along the Queensland coastline. The Report concluded a regular sea freight service along the

South East Queensland Water Security Program by Seqwater
Seqwater has prepared stage 1 of a Water Security Program (WSP) for South East Queensland (SEQ) as required by the Water Act 2000 to outline how it intends to operate, augment and manage the bulk water supply system in SEQ to facilitate the achievement of the State Government set level of service objectives. Seqwater intends to undertake an extensive community consultation on Stage 1 of the WSP an

Tropical Cyclone Marcia Recovery Monthly Progress Report June 2015
The destructive winds, heavy rainfall and flood events of Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia (TC Marcia), which crossed the Queensland coast on 20 February 2015, have had a catastrophic effect on many Queensland communities. The scale and scope of damage from TC Marcia has seen the activation of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) in 19 local government areas. The monthly re