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Strategy Update - additional apprenticeships over six years from 2012-13 to 2017-18
The Government committed to provide up to $86 million for 10,000 additional apprenticeships over six years to meet the looming skills shortage from 2012-13. This commitment was announced as part of the promise to revamp Queensland’s skills and training sector, and significantly boost apprenticeship opportunities for Queenslanders. Cabinet noted the progress against the 10,000 additional apprenti

Qld Heritage and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
The Queensland Heritage and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 (the Bill) progresses important reforms to support owners and managers of heritage places; streamlines the process by which places are entered in the Queensland Heritage Register, provides flexibility and additional power to local governments in how local heritage places are identified and managed, and ensures our unique heritage is

Queensland Eco and Sustainable Tourism (QuEST) Policy - changes to policy framework
The Government is committed to providing increased ecotourism opportunities in national parks, an objective clearly articulated in the Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2013-2020 and Destination Success – The 20-year plan for Queensland tourism. The Queensland Eco and Sustainable Tourism (QuEST) policy enables the full commercial opportunity to be available in protected areas. QuEST is being implemented

Qld Government Submission on Australia Innovation System
On 18 March 2014, the Senate referred an inquiry into Australia’s innovation system to the Senate Economics References Committee for a report by the first sitting day of July 2015. The inquiry seeks input on ten terms of reference relating to the challenges being faced by Australian industries and the Australian innovation system presented by increasing global competition in innovation, science, e

Queensland Government Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Health
On 25 June 2014, the Senate established the Select Committee on Health to inquire into and report on health policy, administration and expenditure and provide a final report to the Senate on 20 June 2016, with submissions invited by 19 September 2014. The establishment of the committee follows the 2014-15 Commonwealth budget, announced on 13 May 2014, which proposed a range of measures that reduce