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Final report of the July-December 2013 Six month action plan
The Queensland Government July-December 2013 Six month action plan was published on 16 July 2013. This is the third six month action plan and a report is prepared at the end of each time period. The Final report of the July-December 2013 Six month action plan has now been prepared. Cabinet approved the July-December 2013 Six month action plan Final Report for publication. Attachment: July-Decemb

Agricultural College Amendment Bill 2013
The Agricultural College Amendment Bill 2013 provides for amendments to the Agricultural College Act 2005 (the Act) to restructure and rename the Australian Agricultural College Corporation and to replace the existing advisory board with a new governing board. The Australian Agricultural College Corporation (AACC) is established under the Act as a corporation sole. As a Registered Training Authori

Appointment Building and Construction Industry Training Fund
The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (QLD) Ltd (BCITF) has been established as the skills centre of excellence for the building and construction industry and is a not for profit company limited by guarantee, with sole membership being the State of Queensland, through the Minister for Education, Training and Employment. The skills centre of excellence represents a partnership model

Appointment to the Board of Brisbane Housing Company Ltd
The Brisbane Housing Company Limited (BHCL) was established as a not-for-profit charitable company in 2002 under a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Brisbane City Council (the Council). BHCL is an independent public company limited by shares. BHCL has two types of shareholding, ordinary shares and community shares. The ordinary shareholders are the State, acting through the Dep

Appointment to Industrial Court of Queensland
The Industrial Court of Queensland is a superior court of record in Queensland. Mr David Hall retired as president of the Industrial Court of Queensland effective 4 October 2013. Section 243 of the Industrial Relations Act 1999 provides for appointment to the office of president of the court. Cabinet approved that the Honourable Justice Glenn Martin AM be recommended to the Governor in Council fo

Appointments Board of Aviation Australia Pty Ltd
Aviation Australia Pty Ltd provides aviation training to support the development of Queensland as an aviation and aerospace hub for the Asia-Pacific region, and is a centre of excellence in education and training for the aviation industry. The constitution of Aviation Australia Pty Ltd defines the objectives for which the Company is established as to: facilitate the setup and establishment of a

Appointments of Family Responsibilities Commissioners and Board members
The Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC) is a central feature of Cape York Welfare Reform (CYWR) that operates in the communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge. The FRC comprises the Commissioner, the Deputy-Commissioner (where appointed) and 19 Local Commissioners drawn from the CYWR communities. The FRC Commissioner and Local Commissioners hold conferences with community m

Appointments HIV Foundation Queensland
On 31 October 2013, the Governor in Council approved the establishment of the HIV Foundation Queensland (HIVFQ) via regulation as an independent body corporate under the Hospitals Foundations Act 1982, commencing 1 December 2013. The HIVFQ will assume the advisory role of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS (MAC), which was established on 1 July 2012, and will also undertake additional

Appointments Island Industries Board
The Island Industries Board (the Board) is a Queensland Government statutory body that trades as the Islanders Board of Industry and Service (commonly known as IBIS). The Board is constituted and operates under Part 7A of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities (Justice, Land and Other Matters) Act 1984. IBIS is the major food and grocery retailer in the Torres Strait. With a head-of

Appointments Non-State Schools Accreditation Board and Eligibility for Government Funding Committee
The Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001 (the Act) provides for the establishment of two bodies, the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (the Board) and the Non-State Schools Eligibility for Government Funding Committee (Funding Committee). The Board is an independent statutory body established under section 105 of the Act. Section 106 of the Act details the functions of th

Appointments to the Queensland Building and Construction Board
The Queensland Building and Construction Board (the Board) is established under Section 5 of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (the Act). The role of the Board is to ensure the Authority is performing its functions and exercises its powers in an appropriate, effective and efficient way. Cabinet endorsed that the following members to the Board be recommended to the Go

Appointments Queensland Studies Authority
The Queensland Studies Authority is a statutory body established by the Education (Queensland Studies Authority) Act 2002. Part 2, division 2 of the Act outlines the functions of the Queensland Studies Authority which includes to: develop, revise, approve and accredit years 1-12 syllabuses, preparatory guidelines and kindergarten guidelines; and develop and revise documents, resources and servic

Appointments to the Board of Stadiums Queensland
Stadiums Queensland is established under the Major Sports Facilities Act 2001 (the Act) as an independent authority to manage, operate and promote Queensland’s world class major sports facilities. Stadiums Queensland is also empowered, under the Act, to develop major sports facilities for declaration under the Act and other infrastructure associated with the State’s major sports facilities. The S

Appointments University of the Sunshine Coast Council
The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Council is the governing body of the University established by the University of the Sunshine Coast Act 1998 (the Act). Section 5 of the Act outlines the functions of the University which generally provides for education at university standard and courses of study or instruction, at the levels of achievement the council considers appropriate, to meet the

Biosecurity Bill 2013
Queensland’s current biosecurity legislation is reactive, prescriptive and includes obsolete, overlapping and inconsistent approaches. It lacks the flexibility to enable efficient responses to Queensland's emerging biosecurity risks. The Biosecurity Bill 2013 will deliver a cohesive legislative framework that provides flexible powers to respond in a timely and effective way to animal and plant dis

Criminal Law Criminal Organisations Disruptions Bill 2013
To deliver on the commitment to implement tougher laws to tackle criminal gangs, the Government has implemented a comprehensive package of legislative reforms contained in three Acts: the Tattoo Parlours Act 2013, the Vicious and Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013 and the Criminal Law (Criminal Organisations Disruption) Amendment Act 2013. As foreshadowed in Parliament during the Octob

Queensland Cultural Diversity Policy
Queensland is committed to a strong economy with participation by everyone, including its culturally diverse communities. With significant current and projected growth in Queensland’s cultural diversity, articulation of a clear whole-of-Government vision for cultural diversity is increasingly important to support a prosperous and strong state. Full participation in Queensland’s economy and broade

Queensland Plan - our working draft
The development of The Queensland Plan: a 30-year vision for Queensland was announced on 26 February 2013 as a bipartisan project. Members of Parliament, local government, community representatives, business and industry, community organisations and youth attended workshops and summits in April, May and October 2013 to assist in the development of The Queensland Plan. During May to August 2013, 78

Electoral Reform Amendment Bill 2013
The Electoral Reform Amendment Bill 2013 amends the Electoral Act 1992, which governs parliamentary elections in Queensland, to: remove the caps on political donations and electoral expenditure; introduce a new public electoral funding model, including a Policy Development Payment to registered political parties with an elected member; introduce monthly disclosure of political donations of $12 400

Exhibited Animals Legislation RIS
The current Queensland legislation regulating animal exhibition is fragmented. Some exhibitors need multiple licences (each with their own fees and processes) because they are regulated under more than one Act. Also, there are gaps in coverage of some public safety and animal welfare risks. Some species cannot be exhibited at all, even if the associated risks can be minimised. Public consultation

Penalties and Sentences Indexation Amendment Bill 2013
The penalty unit is the basic monetary value for most fines and penalty infringement notices (PINs, commonly called ‘tickets’). When an offence is created by legislation, the legislation also prescribes the penalty. In most cases the penalty is prescribed as a multiple of the penalty unit. The value of the penalty unit is prescribed in section 5 of the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 and is $110

Response to Private Members Bill Criminal Code Looting in Declared Areas
The Member for Yeerongpilly introduced the Criminal Code (Looting in Declared Areas) Amendment Bill 2013 as a Private Member’s Bill in March 2013. The Explanatory Notes to the Bill indicate that the primary objective of the Bill is to amend Queensland’s Criminal Code to insert new item 13A (Stealing by looting in a declared area) into existing section 398, which sets the punishment regime for the

Property Occupations and other fair trading Bills 2013
The Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 provides for the licensing and regulation of real estate agents, resident letting agents, pastoral houses, property developers, motor dealers, auctioneers and commercial agents. In February 2013, four draft Bills designed to split and repeal the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 were released for a four week public consultation process and re

Disability Services Restrictive Practices Amendment Bill 2013
The Disability Services Act 2006 and the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 create a regulatory framework for the use of restrictive practices on adults with intellectual or cognitive disability who have challenging behaviours. The scheme applies to disability services provided or funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. The overall objective of the fr

State of the service 2013 and employee survey 2013 reports
The Government’s goal for the Queensland Public Service (QPS) is to be the most respected and responsive public service in the nation. To measure the progress of the QPS towards this goal, the Public Service Commission has finalised two reports: A state of change: better value for the people of Queensland – State of the Service Report 2013 Working for Queensland – Employee Opinion Survey Report 2

Govt submission Royal Comm Institutional Response Child Sexual Abuse issues paper 3
In January 2013, the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia appointed a Royal Commission (the RC) to investigate Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and provide a final report by the end of 2015. The RC will inquire into how institutions with a responsibility for children have managed and responded to allegations and instances of child sexual abuse. It will investigate where

Periodic Update on Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
Key progress on planning and preparation for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (the Games) since April 2013 includes: Games Village on timetable with demolition and early works commencing on 1 October 2013. Potential development partners have been shortlisted and the successful development partner is expected to be announced in early 2014. Gold Coast Aquatic Centre Redevelopment on track to