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January-June 2014 Six month action plan
The January-June 2014 Six month action plan provides a means of focusing effort and driving delivery of the Government’s priorities for the first six months of 2014. This is the Government’s fourth Six month action plan. Cabinet approved the January-June 2014 Six month action plan for publication. Attachments January-June 2014 Six month action plan

Appointment Qld Berghofer Medical Research Institute
Established under section 3 of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research Act 1945 Act (‘the Act’) for the purpose of research into any branch or branches of medical science, the Director of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (more commonly known as the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute) is responsible for the control and management of research work into any branch or branches

Appointment Health Ombudsman
The statutory office of Health Ombudsman is established under the Health Ombudsman Act 2013. The Health Ombudsman’s roles include undertaking investigations, inquiries and other relevant action and reporting on systemic issues relating to health service complaints. The Health Ombudsman will also report to the Minister for Health and the parliamentary committee on the administration of the hea

Appointment to the Council of the Queensland Law Society
Section 685 of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (the Act) provides that there must be a Council of the Queensland Law Society (the Council) and that the Council is to consist of not less than seven and not more than 12 members, namely: an Australian legal practitioner appointed by the Minister (Minister’s nominee); and the president, any deputy president and the vice-president of the law society as m

Appointments Ministerial Health Infrastructure Advisory Council
The establishment of the Ministerial Health Infrastructure Advisory Council (MHIAC) is a commitment of the Blueprint for better care in Queensland which outlines structural and cultural improvements to establish Queensland as the leader in Australian healthcare. The Blueprint, jointly issued by the Premier and Minister for Health in February 2013, recognises Queensland Health has previously had a

Appointments to Boards of Government Owned Corporations and Qld Rail
Energex Limited (Energex); Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (Ergon); Stanwell Corporation Limited (Stanwell); Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Limited (Ports North); Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited (GPC); Port of Townsville Limited (POTL); QIC Limited (QIC); and SunWater Limited (SunWater) are Government owned corporations (GOCs). The Boards of GOCs are established under the Government

Appointments Qld Board of Medical Board of Australia
The Queensland Board of the Medical Board of Australia (QBMBA) is established under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 (‘the Act’). Its functions include making individual registration and notification decisions, based on national policies and standards on behalf of the Medical Board of Australia. Sections 36(5) and (6) of the Act stipulates that at least half, but no mo

Appointments to the University of Queensland Senate
The University of Queensland Senate is the governing body of the University established by the University of Queensland Act 1998 (the Act). Section 5 of the Act outlines the functions of the University which generally provides for education at university standard and courses of study or instruction (at the levels of achievement the senate considers appropriate) to meet the needs of the community.

Arts for All Queenslanders strategy 2014-2018
Arts for all Queenslanders was the Government’s arts election policy; and the Premier’s charter letter to the Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts required the Minister to develop and implement a strategy to grow the arts sector, and to foster a community of arts. Arts Queensland conducted public consultations during 2013, engaging with over 2000 people in the proc

Embracing our Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Legacy
The Government’s strategic objectives for hosting the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) are to: demonstrate Queensland’s ability to deliver a successful, inspiring and memorable international event leverage the Commonwealth Games to derive economic benefits and develop local business and workforce capability maximise long term community, sport and health benefits from the GC2018 streng

Queensland Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2013-2018
The threat of terrorism is a real and enduring one which has the potential to undermine the safety and security of our community. The Queensland Government has primary responsibility for countering this threat and ensuring that Queensland meets its obligations under the national counter-terrorism arrangements. The Queensland Counter-Terrorism Committee (QCTC) was established to coordinate a stat

Queensland Disability Plan 2014-2019
The Queensland Government has developed the Queensland Disability Plan 2014-2019 (QDP) that sets out a planned approach to implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Queensland from 1 July 2016, and to ensure mainstream services are accessible, inclusive and enable the social and economic participation of Queenslanders with a disability. The QDP will be a key mechanism for del

Summer Disaster Readiness 2013-14
Following the 2011 summer of disasters and the 2013 ex Tropical Cyclone (TC) Oswald flooding events there have been significant learnings for disaster management in Queensland and, as a result, preparation for the wet season has commenced well in advance of the summer period. The Queensland Government is taking steps to ensure that the consequences of disaster events will be reduced and, for those

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Economic Participation Framework
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make a significant contribution to Queensland’s economy. However, they are less likely to participate in the Queensland economy than non-Indigenous people, experiencing lower levels of employment and business ownership. The State Government has endorsed a new Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Economic Participation Framework. The Framewor

Office of Best Practice Regulation 2012-13 Annual Report for Reducing Burden of Regulation in Queensland
On 31 October 2013, Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) provided its inaugural Annual Report to the Treasurer and Minister for Trade. The Annual Report provided the first formal and independent measure of progress in achieving the key election commitment of reducing red tape by 20% by 2018. It measured the change in the regulatory burden using a basket of measures (regulatory requirements,

Milk Pricing (Fair Milk Mark) Bill 2013
The Milk Pricing (Fair Milk Mark) Bill 2013 (the Bill) was introduced by Mr Shane Knuth MP, Member for Dalrymple, on 2 May 2013. The Bill proposed the establishment of a ‘fair milk mark’ that can only be placed on milk that has been purchased from dairy producers at a ‘fair milk price’. The Bill proposed that the responsible Minister would set the fair milk price, which would be at least eight

Response to Child Protection Commission of Inquiry Final Report
In July 2012, the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry led by the Honourable Tim Carmody QC, was established. The Commission was tasked with reviewing the entire child protection system and to chart a road map for the state’s child protection system for the next decade. The Commission found that, despite the hard work and good intentions of many and the large amounts of money investe

Review of Qld Government Building and Construction Training and Employment Policies
Reviews of the Queensland Government Building and Construction Contracts Structured Training Policy and the Indigenous Employment Policy for Queensland Government Building and Civil Construction Projects have been completed. These two policies are to be replaced with a single policy, the Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy. The new Queensland Government Building and Con

RIS Amendments to rental regime for mineral development licences
The Department of Natural Resources and Mines undertook an extensive internal review of all mineral and petroleum tenure rentals. The review concluded in late 2012. One of the findings of the review was the comparatively low rental rates paid on mineral development licences, a form of retention tenure in Queensland. Due to the potential impacts on industry of any proposed changes, a consultation R

Social Services Investment Framework - Draft for Consultation
The Draft Social Services Investment Framework aims to provide a whole-of-Government Framework for investment in social services. It provides a framework for a transparent and consistent approach to the way Government invests in social services; guides the delivery of social service outcomes for Queenslanders through efficient and effective allocation of public resources; provides the platform for

Social and human services investment blueprint
The Queensland Government’s response to the Commission of Audit Final Report, transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Government’s response to the Child Protection Commission of Inquiry Final Report, are driving a significant reform agenda for the Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services portfolio. In 2013–14, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disabili

Options to address solar PV costs
The Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme (the Scheme) provides for eligible participants, who supply surplus electricity generated from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems into the Queensland electricity grid, to be paid a feed-in tariff (FiT). Participants in the Scheme are paid a FiT of either 44 or 8 cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh) for their surplus exported electricity. The FiT is paid by distributors an

Destination Success 20 year plan for Queensland Tourism
In its 2012 tourism election policy, Returning the Queensland tourism industry to number one, the government committed to a 20 year plan for tourism in Queensland. At the 2013 DestinationQ Forum in August 2013 government and industry’s focus shifted to the longer term, and a 20 year vision for tourism in Queensland. At the forum, industry and government identified the major strategic directions ne