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Ministerial Advisory Council for Flood Mitigation
A flood mitigation manual sets out the objectives and operational procedures for a flood mitigation dam during a flood event. The Final Report of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry (the Commission) recommended that the Queensland Government should amend the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 to designate the Minister as the person who must approve a flood mitigation manual (Re

Appt Deputy Chair Qld Competition Authority
The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) is the State’s independent economic regulator consisting of members appointed by the Governor in Council. It is established under the Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997 (the QCA Act) as Queensland’s economic regulator to facilitate amongst other things, monopoly prices oversight and third party access regulation across a number of industries. It

Appointments to the Safe Food Production Qld Board
Safe Food Production QLD (Safe Food) is a statutory authority established under the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000. Safe Food is required to develop, implement and administer food safety schemes, based on national standards, for a range of primary produce. Food safety schemes for the seafood, meat, dairy and egg industries have been implemented. Safe Food has a board of directors which is res

Appointment of Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health
The proposed appointment is to a stand alone role of Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health and not to a government body. Under section 73A(1) of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 (the Act), there is to be a Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health. Pursuant to the Act, the functions of the commissioner are to: advise the Minister on mine health and safety matters generally; fulfil the r

Building and Other Legislation Bill 2013
The Building and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 amends the Building Act 1975 (Building Act), Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (Water Supply Safety Act) and South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009 (SEQ Water Restructuring Act) to reduce red tape and save time and money in the assessment of building work over or near a sewer, water main and s

Implementation Guidelines Qld Code of Practice BCA
The building and construction industry is one of the four pillars of the Queensland economy. Unlocking activity in Queensland’s construction sector to create jobs and investment is critical to Queensland’s economic recovery and future growth. The Implementation Guidelines apply to State funded construction projects with a value greater than $2 million. The role of the Guidelines and the Building

Discipline in Qld State Schools
School discipline is an important component of a high quality education system. Children and young people need self-discipline as part of their social development, and in order to achieve their academic and personal goals. Furthermore, students need safe, supportive and focussed environments in which to learn. A plan has been developed to strengthen the power and capacity of principals and their

Education Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
The Education Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 will: support implementation of the move of Year 7 to secondary school from 2015; include the Preparatory year (Prep) in a state school student’s basic allocation to recognise Prep as the first year of schooling; and allow for the cancellation of the enrolment of international students at state schools for non-payment of fees. The Bill makes techni

Qld Floods Commission of Inquiry implementation progress 28 February 2013
On 16 March 2012, the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry delivered its Final Report into the 2010-11 floods. The Final Report contains 177 recommendations covering a broad range of matters relating to the 2010-11 floods, including the management of Wivenhoe Dam during the flood event, floodplain management, land use planning, performance of private insurers, management of abandoned and opera

Inter-Governmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform
A review of the National Drought Program (NDP) has been underway since 2008. The Commonwealth and State and Territory Ministers for agricultures’ Standing Council on Primary Industries (SCoPI) are leading the reform process. SCoPI has endorsed policy principles to guide the development of a new program to help farmers move from ‘crisis’ management to ‘risk’ management. A new NDP aims to improve

Industrial Relations Transparency and Accountability Amendment Bill 2013
The Queensland Government is committed to strengthening the accountability of state-based industrial organisations following allegations of financial mismanagement and corruption involving officials past and present of the National Office of the Health Services Union. In a bid to prevent similar occurrences in Queensland, the government considered options to increase transparency and improve the

Proposed extension to Keno Licence
The operation and conduct of keno in Queensland is regulated through the Keno Act 1996, the Keno Regulation 1997, the Keno Rule 2010 and the Keno Agreement. The Keno Agreement provides the terms for the conduct of keno, the granting and termination of a keno licence, compensation payable, the rate of keno tax and associated licence fees. On 23 June 1997, a keno licence was issued to Jupiters Gami

Modernising Queensland Resource Acts program
Queensland’s current legislative arrangements for resource tenure administration is characterized by a legislative framework which maintains separate Acts with differing approaches for minerals and coal, petroleum, geothermal and greenhouse gas storage. The result is a legislative framework which has, over time, become unnecessarily complex, burdensome and inefficient. As such this regulatory bu

Nature Conservation Amend and Repeal Regulation No1 2013
The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection has reviewed the governing legislation for marine mammals in Queensland – the Nature Conservation (Whales and Dolphins) Conservation Plan 1997 and the Nature Conservation (Dugong) Conservation Plan 1999. As a result of the review, the department has prepared new marine mammal legislation for Queensland, now consolidated within the Nature Conser

Qld Small Business Strategy and Action Plan 2013-15
In its first year in office, the Government has made substantial progress in getting small businesses back on track, by delivering on commitments under the ‘Blueprint for Queensland Small Business’ to lower payroll tax, reduce red tape and reform the skills and training system. The Queensland Small Business Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2015 has been developed to build on the government’s ‘Bluep

TAFE Qld Bill 2013
The TAFE Queensland Bill 2013 establishes TAFE Queensland as the public provider of vocational education and training (VET) in Queensland. The Government commissioned the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce to review the VET sector in Queensland and one of the Taskforce’s key recommendations was the establishment of TAFE Queensland as an independent body. The Bill is being introduced as a re