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Appointment and remuneration of a member to the Board of the Queensland College of Teachers
The Queensland College of Teachers is a statutory body established by the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005. The functions of the Queensland College of Teachers, as prescribed by chapter 10, part 1 of the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005, include: testing applicants for teacher registration; granting registration or permission to teach; initial and ongoing elig

Appointment and remuneration of deputy member of the Pool Safety Council
The Pool Safety Council (PSC) is established under the Building Act 1975. The PSC oversees the pool safety laws in Queensland. Its functions include maintaining a register of swimming pools and licensed pool safety inspectors (PSIs). They also include monitoring and enforcing compliance by pool owners. The PSC also investigates complaints about PSI conduct and administers discipline. Cabinet no

Appointments under the Industrial Relations Act 1999
The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) is an independent tribunal established to conciliate and arbitrate industrial matters in the State of Queensland. To facilitate succession planning and to restore balance to the QIRC, it is appropriate to make a new appointment to the role of Deputy President and two new appointments to the roles of Commissioner of the QIRC. Cabinet: endorsed

Body Corporate and Community Management Amendment Bill 2012
A body corporate, comprising all lot owners in a community titles scheme, is responsible for the ownership and management of the body corporate assets and the scheme’s common property. Under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 most costs associated with the administration of the body corporate and the management of the assets and common property are proportioned by each lot owner

Bureau of Meteorology Briefing
Cabinet was given a presentation on the seasonal weather outlook by Mr Rob Webb from the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). The BoM briefing included: General conditions indicate neutral conditions bordering on El Nino. Generally expect a typical wet season. Return to normal thunderstorm season – more hail and wind storms in South East Queensland compared with previous two years. Expect typical perio

Appointment of a Commissioner for Police Service Reviews
Commissioners for Police Service Reviews are appointed by the Governor in Council under section 9.2A of the Police Service Administration Act 1990 (the Act). They perform a review function in relation to police appointment, transfer and disciplinary decisions made under the Act. Under section 9.2A(2)(c) of the Act, the Chairperson of the Crime and Misconduct Commission has nominated Mr Patrick Ja

Delivery on DestinationQ forum commitments
The inaugural DestinationQ forum in Cairns on 25 and 26 June 2012 developed a program of priority actions to support the Queensland tourism industry in striving to achieve its 2020 industry growth target. As part of the proceedings a new industry-government Partnership Agreement and 12 Month Key Action Plan was endorsed by the Premier, the Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and

2012 Queensland Gas Market Review
The state of the Queensland gas market is assessed annually via the Gas Market Review (GMR), in consultation with participants. The review provides advice to Government on security of supply for domestic customers and gas market development issues. For the 2012 GMR Report modelling and analysis was undertaken on a range of issues relevant to the future of the Queensland (and broader eastern Austr

Guardianship and Administration and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
As part of the Queensland Government’s 100 day action plan, the Government committed to ‘commence drafting legislative amendments to install the Independent Public Advocate as a statutory authority’, within the first 30 days. The Public Advocate is established under the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 as an integral part of Queensland’s guardianship system, which protects and promotes th

Queensland Counter Terrorism Committee
The Queensland Counter-Terrorism Committee (QCTC) provides the forum for counter-terrorism coordination, development and information sharing amongst relevant Queensland Government agencies. Through the QCTC, the maintenance and development of an effective state-wide counter-terrorism capability is achieved. The QCTC reports to Cabinet annually. Key highlights from 2011 QCTC Annual Report included:

Responsible Alcohol Management-A Community Approach in Discrete Indigenous Communities
The Queensland Government committed to work with Indigenous communities to review Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs). The Queensland Government Six Month Action Plan July–December 2012 indicates that the Review will commence by December 2012. The State Government recognises that there is a diversity of views, needs and circumstances within and between communities regarding the AMPs. The Review will

Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Regulation (No. 2) 2012
The Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Regulation (No. 2) 2012 amends the Waste Reduction and Recycling Regulation 2011. The Regulation is subordinate legislation under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011. The Act contains regulation making powers, including the ability to make a regulation about used packaging. This amendment regulation gives effect to the provisions of the National E

Options to conclude the Queensland Water Fluoridation Program
Options to conclude the Queensland Water Fluoridation Program Minister for Health Under the Water Fluoridation Act 2008 (the Act) public potable water suppliers (water suppliers) are required to implement water fluoridation at a relevant public potable water supply (water supply) by a date prescribed in a regulation. To date, 70 supplies have been fluoridated and 63 supplies are required to begi

Withdrawal from COAG commitments for 6-star units and national residential building mandatory disclosure scheme
Queensland is currently committed through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to the following components of the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency: the adoption of 6-star energy efficiency standards for new units and introduction of residential building mandatory disclosure. New multi-unit residential buildings in Queensland are currently required to meet a 5-star energy efficiency