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Anti Discrimination Act 1991 Government Eligibility Policies
Recent litigation has highlighted the potential for certain government policies where eligibility for government assistance, services or support is based on citizenship or Visa status, to be subject to complaints of racial discrimination under the Anti Discrimination Act 1991. Cabinet approved amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 to provide an exemption for government eligibility policie

Reappointment of Directors to the Board of BioPharmaceuticals Australia (Network) Pty Ltd
BioPharmaceuticals Australia (Network) Pty Ltd is a proprietary company, limited by shares, with the sole member being the State of Queensland The company was formed in 2007 to achieve ten specific objectives, relating to the planning, coordination (including the securing of public and private sector funding), promotion, and providing the assistance required to establish a biopharmaceutical manufa

Appointment of chairperson and members of the Prostitution Licensing Authority
The Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA) administers a licensing and regulatory scheme under the Prostitution Act 1999 (the Act) for the operation of legal brothels in Queensland. The PLA consists of eight members including the chairperson, all of whom are appointed by the Governor in Council under section 102(2) of the Act. The current appointments of the chairperson and three other members of

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Legislation (Providing Freehold) Amendment Bill 2013
Existing land tenure legislation does not make ordinary, individual, freehold available as an option to Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders living in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities. Land in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities is generally held in trust either under a Deed of Grant in Trust under the Land Act 1994 or as transferred land under the Aboriginal

Youth Justice (Boot Camp Orders) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
As part of its 2012 election commitments, the Government committed to a two year trial of a youth boot camp diversion program. The youth boot camp diversion program, which consists of an early intervention boot camp in the Gold Coast area and a sentenced youth boot camp program in the Cairns and surrounding area, is an initiative under the Safer Streets Crime Action Plan. These programs will targ

Commercial Arbitration Bill 2012
Arbitration is a formal dispute resolution process in which two or more parties refer their dispute to an independent third person (the arbitrator) for determination. The result of the arbitration, known as the award, is enforceable in the same manner as a court judgment. The Commercial Arbitration Act 1990 currently governs domestic commercial arbitrations in Queensland. The Act, which is one o

Classification of Computer Games and Images and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
The National Classification Scheme (NCS) is a cooperative arrangement between Commonwealth, State and Territory governments underpinned by an Intergovernmental Agreement on Censorship and supported by a legislative framework comprising the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 (Cth) (the Commonwealth Act) and complementary State and Territory legislation. The relevant Q

Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry - Implementation Progress as at 31 August 2012
On 16 March 2012, the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry (the Commission) delivered its Final Report into the 2010-11 floods. The Final Report contains 177 recommendations covering a broad range of matters relating to the 2010-11 floods, including the management of Wivenhoe Dam during the flood event, floodplain management, land use planning, performance of private insurers, management of ab

Gold Coast Waterways Authority Bill 2012
A re-established Gold Coast Waterways Authority is part of the government’s commitment to improving access to Gold Coast Waterways. The re-established Gold Coast Waterways Authority will oversee the management, sustainable use and development of Gold Coast Waterways. The purpose of the Authority is to provide the best possible navigational access, boating infrastructure and waterways management at

Review of Land Sales Act 1984 - Public Release of Policy Proposals
The Land Sales Act 1984 regulates the sale of unregistered flat land (proposed allotments) and land sold off the plan forming part of a community titles scheme (proposed lots) (e.g. building units). The review of the Act aims to assist in creating the conditions for business success by ensuring the legislative framework, in which property development sales can continue, remains relevant to the in

National Legal Professional Regulation
Cabinet considered a submission from the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice in relation to Queensland’s participation in the scheme for the regulation of the legal profession developed for the Council of Australian Governments. Cabinet approved that Queensland not participate in the scheme. Cabinet approved that the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice inform stakeholders of the Gover

Appointment and remuneration of members to panel of doctors for designation to General Medical Assessment Tribunal
Medical assessment tribunals are established under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 to provide for an independent system of medical review and assessment of injury and impairment sustained by workers. Cabinet endorsed the following nominees to be recommended to the Governor in Council for appointment to the panel of the General Medical Assessment Tribunal and composite medica

Appointment one full time member Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 establishes the Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and provides for the appointment of members and adjudicators. QCAT commenced on 1 December 2009 and amalgamated 18 of the State’s tribunals and other bodies into one, providing a single gateway through which the community can access civil and administrative justice. The functio

Racing and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
The Government’s Six Month Action Plan includes amending the Racing Act 2002 to establish a new racing industry structure. The Bill implements the Government’s Six Month Action Plan by removing Racing Queensland Limited as the control body for the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound codes of racing and establishing the Queensland All Codes Racing Industry Board (all-codes board) as well as three

Referral of State Industrial Relations jurisdiction for private sector to Commonwealth
Following the passage of the Fair Work (Commonwealth Powers) and Other Provisions Act 2009 (the Referral Act), regulatory power over Queensland’s unincorporated private sector employers was referred to the Commonwealth Government. The referral of powers transferred approximately 14% of Queensland employees to the Federal industrial relations system. Under the terms of the Referral Act, the ref

Review of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act
The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 regulates residential tenancies and rooming accommodation in Queensland. It applies to rented houses, flats, townhouses, caravans and rooming accommodation. The Act is being reviewed to ensure its provisions remain relevant and appropriate to the changing residential rental sector. The objectives of the review are to ensure that: t

Implementation of risk based management of abandoned mines in Queensland
The Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry made three recommendations relating to abandoned mines – recommendations 13.17 to 13.19 in its final report. Key considerations included: Collation of all information held by government on abandoned mines; Development of a dedicated abandoned mines database to hold this information; Using this information to conduct a stock-take of the status and risks a

Queensland Government response to Schools Workforce Productivity Commission Report
In February 2012, the Queensland Teacher Implementation Taskforce released its Report detailing proposed reforms to further enhance the quality of teaching in Queensland schools, and lead to improved student learning outcomes. On 4 May 2012, the Productivity Commission released the Schools Workforce Productivity Commission Research Report 2012. The Report proposes a package of reforms giving p

South East Qld Water Restructuring and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
The Government is committed to planning properly for Queensland’s future water needs and increasing efficiency in the delivery to households and businesses. Under the former Government, there were four bulk water supply entities, adding unnecessary complexity and costs (reduced to three with the merger of Seqwater and WaterSecure in June 2011). The South East Queensland Water (Restructuring) and

Tourism and Events Queensland Bill 2012
Tourism Queensland is a statutory body established under the Tourism Queensland Act 1979 (the Act). It promotes and markets Queensland tourism domestically and overseas. Events Queensland is a propriety limited company established in 1989 to support and develop events that are capable of generating sustainable economic activity by attracting visitors from interstate and overseas. The Bill repeals

Amendment of the Water Fluoridation Act 2008
Under the Water Fluoridation Act 2008 (the Act) public potable water suppliers (water suppliers) are required to implement water fluoridation at a relevant public potable water supply (water supply) by a date prescribed in a regulation. To date, 70 supplies have been fluoridated and the installation of the necessary infrastructure for fluoridation funded by the State Government is anticipated to

Weapons and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
In April 2012, the Government announced that it would introduce mandatory minimum penalties for weapons offences to address the illegal use of firearms. The Bill provides for mandatory minimum periods of imprisonment for the following offences under Weapons Act 1990 (the Act): unlawful trafficking (s 65), unlawful supply (s 50B) and unlawful possession of firearms (s 50). The Bill also provides fo