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Appointment to the Queensland Health Payroll inquiry
Appointment and remuneration of a Commissioner to the Queensland Health Payroll inquiry Attorney-General and Minister for Justice In December 2012, Cabinet approved the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into the Queensland Health payroll system, subject to Governor in Council approval. The Commission is to conduct a comprehensive review of all aspects of the procurement and implementation

Appointments to the Queensland Competition Authority
The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) is the State’s independent economic regulator consisting of members appointed by the Governor in Council. It is established under the Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997 (the QCA Act) as Queensland’s economic regulator to facilitate amongst other things, monopoly prices oversight and third party access regulation across a number of industries. It

Appointments to the Electrical Safety Board and Electrical Licensing Committee
Appointments of Chairperson to the Electrical Safety Board and Electrical Licensing Committee and one member to the Electrical Licensing Committee Attorney-General and Minister for Justice The Electrical Safety Board (the Board) is established under section 75 of the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (the Act). Under section 76 of the Act, the primary function of the Board is to give advice and make

Appointment of Chair and Director Board Aviation Australia Pty Ltd
Aviation Australia Pty Ltd provides aviation training to support the development of Queensland as an aviation and aerospace hub for the Asia-Pacific region, and is a centre of excellence for education and training for the aviation industry. The constitution of Aviation Australia Pty Ltd defines the objectives for which the Company is established as to: facilitate the setup and establishment of a

Appointments Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committees
The Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committees are established under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Committees provide an affordable, timely and accessible non-court based dispute resolution service for deciding appeals against decisions of Local Governments and private building certifiers about a range of decisions made under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, the Building Act 197

Establishment of Cabinet Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
There is a need for greater coherence and coordination of Indigenous issues across government. These issues are often complex and intractable in nature. A concerted effort is required to drive the Government’s Indigenous reform agenda and ensure delivery of improved and enduring outcomes for Indigenous Queenslanders. There is evidence to indicate that coherence and coordination of effort and i

Government response to the review of the Fair Work legislation
Queensland Government response to the recommendations of the report of the review of the Fair Work legislation Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Following the public release of the final report of the Fair Work legislation review panel on 2 August 2012, State Ministers were invited to make written submissions in response to the report recommendations to the Honourable Bill Shorten MP, Fed

Appointments to Government Owned Corporation Boards
Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Limited (Ports North), North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation Limited (NQBP), Port of Townsville Limited (POTL) and Queensland Rail Limited (Queensland Rail) are Government owned corporations (GOCs). The Boards of GOCs are established under the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993. 10 GOC directors had terms expiring on 30 September 2012. Cabinet endorse

Appointment to the Health Quality and Complaints Commission
The Health Quality and Complaints Commission (HQCC) is constituted under the provisions of the Health Quality and Complaints Commission Act 2006 and its main objects are to provide for oversight and review of, and improvement in, the quality of health services, and independent review and management of health complaints. Section 149 of the Act provides for the appointment by the Governor in Council

Government position on Multicultural Recognition Bill 2012
The Member for Inala and Leader of the Opposition, Ms Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, introduced the Multicultural Recognition Bill 2012 as a Private Member’s Bill in August 2012. The Bill sought to recognise the diversity of the people of Queensland through providing for a Multicultural Queensland Charter, a Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council and developing, monitoring and reporting on multicul

The Queensland Governments open data revolution
In October 2012, the Premier announced an ‘open data revolution’ for the Queensland Government with an aim of releasing as much government data as possible to encourage the private sector to develop innovative new services and solutions for the State. The policy principles that will underpin the Open Data Initiative are: Government data will be available for open use. Government data will be avail

Appointment remuneration chairperson and members Public Records Review Committee
The Public Records Review Committee was established in 2003 under the Public Records Act 2002 to advise the Minister and the State Archivist about issues affecting the administration and enforcement of the Public Records Act, to decide any disputes referred to the Committee under the Act, and to review decisions of the State Archivist not to authorise disposal of particular public records or class

Appointment member to Queensland Theatre Company
Under section 12 of the Queensland Theatre Company Act 1970, the Queensland Theatre Company functions are to: include promote and encourage the development and presentation, public interest, participation, understanding and appreciation of the arts of the theatre; to produce, present and manage plays and other forms of theatre and entertainment; to conduct various forms of education in the art

Red Tape Reduction Energy Sector
In 2012, the government commenced a review of carbon reduction and energy efficiency schemes that may have become redundant following the introduction of the Commonwealth Government’s Carbon Pricing Mechanism (CPM). The Queensland Gas Scheme, the Smart Energy Savings Program (SESP) and the policy for standards for new coal-fired power stations were identified as policies or programs which could

Review of particular concession provisions under the Land Valuation Act 2010
Section 262 of the Land Valuation Act 2010 requires that, before December 2012, the Minister must review the operation of the particular concession provisions contained in chapter 2, part 2, division 5, subdivisions 2 and 3. These concessions include – single dwelling house/farming (where any more valuable use is disregarded) and the discount for subdivided land (40 per cent of the valuation deduc

Review of mandatory requirements of rainwater tanks and other water savings systems
The review delivers against the Government’s 100-day election commitment (Number 301) to undertake a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of mandatory environmental inclusions such as rainwater tanks, and its Six Month Action Plan commitment to review laws mandating rainwater tanks on new buildings by the end of 2012. Water saving targets for new houses and new commercial and industrial buildings h

Appointment and Remuneration of the chief executive officer and members of the Board of Tourism and Events Queensland
The Tourism and Events Queensland Act 2012 (the Act) commenced on 11 December 2012. The Act transferred the assets and liabilities of Events Queensland to Tourism Queensland; continued Tourism Queensland in existence as Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ); and implemented new governance arrangements and structure for TEQ. The Act establishes a Board for TEQ with responsibility for ensuring TEQ pe

Final Report of the Six Month Action Plans - July-December 2012 and January - June 2013
The Government published its Six month action plan July-December 2012 on 13 July 2012. The Final report of the July-December 2012 six month action plan has now been prepared. The final report notes that 145 of the 149 actions are “ticked-off” with only four actions not fully implemented. The January-June 2013 six month action plan has 150 actions which will again provide a means of focusing effor

Appointment of directors and chairperson to Stadiums Queensland
Stadiums Queensland is established under the Major Sports Facilities Act 2001 (the Act) as an independent authority to manage, operate and promote Queensland’s world class major sports facilities. Stadiums Queensland is also empowered, under the Act, to develop major sports facilities. The Stadiums Queensland Board of Directors is established under the Act and is responsible for the way in which

Release of a Discussion Paper for a 30 Year Strategy for Qlds Water Sector
The Government committed under its Six Month Action Plan to release a discussion paper for a 30 year plan for Queensland’s water sector. The plan has been re-cast as a ‘strategy’ to focus on the future of the water sector. The strategy will be developed in two phases. Phase one is the release of a discussion paper for a three month consultation period. The aim of the discussion paper is to gener

Summer Disaster Readiness 2012-13
It has been almost two years since Queensland experienced its summer of disasters. Based on the lessons learned from that time, preparation for the wet season commenced well in advance of the summer period. All departments have been undertaking disaster preparedness activities across the four major disaster management phases of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Cabinet considered Qu

Three year assessment of all Government Bodies 2012
The Queensland Cabinet Handbook (the Cabinet handbook) requires Departments to assess all existing Government bodies every three years to ensure that they are operating effectively against their terms of reference or the functions for which they were established. The Cabinet handbook also requires Ministers to inform the Premier, in writing, that all bodies in their portfolio have been assessed an