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Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology trial
The 52nd Legislative Assembly appointed the Select Committee on Travelsafe (the Committee) in October 2006, to monitor, investigate and report on all aspects of road safety and public transport in Queensland. The Committee’s Report No. 51: Report on the Inquiry into Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (ANPR) (the Report) was tabled in Parliament on 9 September 2008. The Queensland Gov

Response to CMC Report on Alleged Misuse of Public Monies
The Crime and Misconduct Commission’s Report on an Investigation into the Alleged Misuse of Public Monies, and a Former Ministerial Adviser (the Report) followed an investigation into an anonymous complaint against Mr Simon Tutt, which alleged that he had inappropriately orchestrated a sporting grant to the University of Queensland Rugby Football Club (totalling $200,000). The CMC did not recomme

Qld Government response to CMC report on Police move on powers
In 2008, the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) commenced a review of the move-on powers contained in the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (Qld) (PPRA). This Review was commenced following amendments to the PPRA which extended move-on powers to all public places throughout Queensland. In December 2010, the Review was published. The CMC have suggested 11 recommendations to the leg

Response to Private Members Bill - Criminal Proceeds Confiscation (Serious and Organised Crime Unexplained Wealth) Amendment Bill 2010
The Member for Southern Downs and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Mr Lawrence Springborg MP, introduced the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation (Serious and Organised Crime Unexplained Wealth) Amendment Bill 2010 as a Private Member’s Bill on 24 November 2010. The Bill amends the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 (CPC Act) and the Drugs Misuse Act 1986 and allows the State to seek an unexplain

Electrical Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
The Bill amends the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002 to implement a new Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) within Queensland. This new system: Places obligations for safety on a responsible supplier who is the first point of sale (ie the manufacturer or importer) in Australia or New Zealand. Establishes a national register where all suppliers and certain

Forensic Disability Bill 2011
Queensland Government has previously committed to implementing recommendations 5.1 and 22 of the reports titled Promoting balance in the forensic mental health system – Final Report – Review of the Queensland Mental Health Act 2000 (Butler Report) and Challenging Behaviour and Disability – A Targeted Response (Carter Report) respectively. The implementation of these recommendations involves esta

Govt Response to report of review of Qld Parliamentary Committee System
In August 2009, the Queensland Government released the discussion paper, Integrity and Accountability in Queensland. The discussion paper consultation highlighted the importance of the Parliament having a high standard of scrutiny over the legislative process. In response to this feedback, the Government committed to creating a bipartisan committee to review the role of parliamentary committees in

Govt submission on flood events to Commission of Inquiry
Following the flooding events of December 2010 and January 2011, a Commission of Inquiry was established on 17 January 2011 by the Governor in Council. The Commission was established with Justice Catherine Holmes appointed as Commissioner and Mr Jim O’Sullivan AC and Mr Phil Cummins appointed as deputies. The Commission will provide an interim report by 1 August 2011 containing recommendations t

North Stradbroke Island Sustainability Bill 2011
In June 2010, the Premier and Minister for the Arts released the Government’s vision for a sustainable North Stradbroke Island. The vision includes the phasing out of mining and dedication of up to 80 percent of the island as protected area, to be jointly managed with the Traditional Owners of the region, by 2027. Over half of the island is to be protected area by the end of 2011. The Premier and

Oonoonba, Roma, Woolloongabba Dev Schemes
The Urban Land Development Authority 2007 (ULDA Act) provides for particular parts of Queensland to be declared as Urban Development Areas (UDAs) and establishes the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) to plan, carry out, promote or coordinate and control the development of land in those areas. The three proposed UDAs of Oonoonba, Roma and Woolloongabba fall under the regional housing diversit

Police Powers and Responsibilities and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 consultation
On 5 May 2007, the then Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Sport announced a review of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (PPRA). The review was undertaken in three stages: members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) identified and recommended areas of enhancement within the PPRA; the PPRA Review Committee was established to consider the QPS proposals and make further p

Response to Private Members Bill Electoral Reform Bill
The Member for Beaudesert, Aidan McLindon MP, introduced the Electoral Reform Bill 2010 as a Private Member’s Bill in November 2010. The Explanatory Notes to the Bill state that the objective of the Bill is to amend the Electoral Act 1992 to: introduce a compulsory preferential method of voting; introduce a voluntary voting system; prohibit the distribution of how-to-vote cards; and prohibit the

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
The Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 includes amendments to Queensland’s revenue legislation to maintain its currency and ensure that it operates as intended. Many of the amendments are beneficial to taxpayers and a number have been operating under administrative arrangements. The remaining amendments are necessary to clarify the legislation’s operation and protect the revenue.

Aust Govt Review of Funding for Schooling
As part of the Inter-governmental Agreement, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to pursue a range of policy and reform directions including education through the National Education Agreement. In April 2010, the Australian Government announced a review of school funding. The review would be conducted independently, ‘with a focus on the best allocation of resources to all schools –

Significant Appointments - March 2011
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Premier and Minister for Reconstruction  Queensland Theatre Company Prof Richard Fotheringham (Chair) Mr Kent Beasley Ms Penny Everingham Ms Sharyn Ghidella Mr Yaron Lifschitz Mr Terence O’Dwyer Mr Michael Cottier Ms Erin Feros Mr Nathan Jarro Mr Karl Morris Ms Ju

Submission to Murray-Darling Basin Plan Inquiry
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is presently preparing a Basin Plan under the provisions of the Water Act 2007 (Commonwealth). The purpose of this plan is to establish sustainable diversion limits, an environmental watering plan and a water quality plan for the Murray-Darling Basin. In October 2010, the MDBA released a Guide to the proposed Basin Plan, the first formal, though non statut

Transport and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
The Transport and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 makes amendments to a number of Acts to put in place better processes or clarify existing legislation. Significant amendments include: Streamlining processes that support the delivery and establishment of the Gold Coast Rapid Transit light rail project and provide for light rail operational and technical requirements. The streamlined admin