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Chairpersons for Valuation Objection Conferences
The Land Valuation Act 2010 received Assent in September 2010. Section 123 of the Land Valuation Act 2010 requires the Valuer-General (the VG) to offer an objection conference to an objector where the valuation objected to is greater than $5M. Where the offer is accepted section 125 of the Land Valuation Act 2010 requires that the VG must appoint an independent chairperson for the conference. An a

Education and Training and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
The Queensland Government is committed to protecting all children from harm and ensuring that the highest possible standards of safety and well-being are upheld in Queensland schools. To this end, the Bill makes a number of amendments to ensure this commitment to Queensland children and their families is upheld. The Education and Training Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 will: extend the mandatory

Extension to the Cape York Welfare Reform Trail
The Cape York Welfare Reform Trial (the Trial) commenced in July 2008 and aims to build stronger and more resilient communities; re-establish local Indigenous authority; enable children to achieve their full potential; support engagement in the real economy; and move individuals and families from welfare housing to home ownership. The Trial operates in Aurukun, Hope Vale, Coen and Mossman Gorge wi

Review of the Holidays Act 1983
The Holiday Act 1983 (the Act) was amended in 2010 by the Holidays Act Amendment Bill 2010 to provide for observance of two public holidays for Christmas Day 2010 on Saturday, 25 December and Tuesday, 28 December (Monday, 27 December already being a substitute public holiday for Boxing Day) and two public holidays for New Year’s Day 2011 on Saturday, 1 January and Monday, 3 January. During parlia

Proposed National Licensing System for electrical, plumbing, gas fitting, airconditioning and refrigeration and property agent occupations
On 3 July 2008, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to develop a National Occupational Licensing System (NOLS) as part of the Seamless National Economy regulatory reform agenda. The NOLS is being implemented through cooperative national legislation, whereby each State and Territory will pass legislation applying or mirroring the Occupational Licensing National Law (National Law).

Govt Submission to Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee review of CMC
Under the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001, the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee (PCMC) is required to undertake a review of the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) at a time near to the end of three years from the appointment of the PCMC members. The PCMC is required to table a report in Parliament about any further action that should be taken in relation to the Crime and Misconduct

State Planning Instruments Program 2011-12
The State Planning Instruments (SPI) Program commenced on 1 July 2010. It provides a systematic approach for ensuring the State’s interests are appropriately represented in land use planning and development. The Queensland Government has committed to streamlining State planning arrangements to increase the certainty of State intentions and requirements for Local Governments, industry and commun

Progress report of the Qld Government's strategy for ICT
Released in September 2009, Toward Q2 through ICT 2009–2014 – the Queensland Government’s strategy for government ICT (Toward Q2 through ICT Strategy) is the Queensland Government’s five year strategy for government information and communication technology (ICT). The Strategy comprises four key focus areas: accessible government, efficient government, effective government and a strong industry/go

Qld Post-secondary Education and Training (QPET) Review
Queensland’s publicly funded vocational education and training system provides accredited training to 280,000 students including 93,000 apprentices and trainees. The state’s higher education sector provides education to more than 208,000 students including over 158,000 undergraduate students. In 2011 the Government commissioned an independent review of vocational education and training and higher

Review of the Qld Government Intellectual Property Policy Framework
The Queensland Government produces a significant amount of intellectual property (IP). Its value can be captured directly in commercial exploitation, reflected through the protection and/or enhancement of Queensland’s reputation, or be used to contribute to the public good. Where Government owned IP offers commercial value, it is critical to manage and protect. The IP Policy Framework provide

Significant Appointments - July 2011
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State  Professional Standards Council Ms Julie Cameron From 19 July 2011 to 30 June 2014  Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade  Queensland Competition

Fitzgibbon Urban Development Area Development Scheme
The Urban Land Development Authority 2007 provides for particular parts of Queensland to be declared as Urban Development Areas and establishes the Urban Land Development Authority to plan, carry out, promote or coordinate and control the development of land in those areas. The Fitzgibbon UDA was declared under the Urban Land Development Authority Regulation 2008 on 25 July 2008, and the Fitzgibbo

Approval of Development Schemes for Blackwater and Moranbah Urban Development Areas
The ULDA Act provides for particular parts of Queensland to be declared as Urban Development Areas and establishes the Urban Land Development Authority to plan, carry out, promote or coordinate and control the development of land in those areas. The two Urban Development Areas of Blackwater and Moranbah fall under the resource towns housing affordability program. The aim of this program is to pro