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Counter Terrorism Strategy
The Queensland Counter-Terrorism Committee (QCTC) provides a forum for whole of Government coordination and leadership on Queensland’s counter-terrorism preparedness and capabilities. The 2011-2013 Queensland Counter-Terrorism Strategy will replace the 2008-10 Strategy. The 2011-13 Strategy builds on the work commenced in 2008-10 and importantly ensures that, where appropriate and required, we hav

Declaration of the township of Grantham as a reconstruction area
The purpose of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority Regulation 2011 is to declare the Grantham area a reconstruction area to facilitate effective and timely rebuilding following severe damage to the region in January’s extreme weather events. As a result of the devastating flash flooding in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley, and then the flooding in Brisbane and Ipswich in January 2011, the Qu

Qld Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Agreement 2011-14
The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Agreement 2000-2010 expired in December 2010. An internal assessment of the Justice Agreement highlighted a need to redirect efforts based on what works to deliver real outcomes. Following the cessation of the Justice Agreement, the Government has developed a draft Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Strategy for con

Draft Townsville Futures Plan
The Townsville Futures Plan (the Plan) is intended to support regional growth and economic development in Townsville. It is an over-arching plan for Townsville and the region that is prosperity led and includes cues to promote liveability and sustainability. The Townsville Futures Plan has its origins in the 2010 Growth Management Summit. The preparation of the TFP, and the identification of reg

Electoral Reform and Accountability Bill 2011
The Electoral Reform and Accountability Bill 2011 proposes reforms to Queensland’s electoral system to increase the transparency of relationships between political parties, candidates and donors. The Bill builds on the integrity and accountability reforms introduced by the State Government. The Government committed in 2009 to introduce a cap on political donations if the Commonwealth Government

Reforming the Environ Protect Act - Reducing Greentape for Business
The Queensland Government’s Smart Regulatory Reform Agenda aims to reduce the compliance burden to business and the administrative burden to government by $150 million each year by the end of 2013. The Department of Environment and Resource Management’s regulatory simplification plan includes the two year Reducing Greentape for Business project (Greentape Reduction project), announced in 2010 as p

Gas Security Amendment Bill 2011
The Gas Security Amendment Bill 2011 amends the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (P&G Act) to enable implementation of the Prospective Gas Production Land Reserve (PGPLR) policy. The PGPLR policy will allow conditioning of an exploration tenure over certain gas prospective land to ensure gas produced from a subsequent production lease over the same area is supplied to the Austra

Government Response to Sexual Offender Treatment Programs report
In 2009, Queensland Corrective Services engaged the services of Professor Stephen Smallbone, from Griffith University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, to independently evaluate the effectiveness of its sex offender treatment programs with particular reference to their impact on recidivism rates. The evaluation considered the recidivism data of 409 adult males who had served a term of

Govt submission on review of fundamental legislative principles
The Legislative Standards Act 1992 sets out the “fundamental legislative principles” (FLPs) relating to legislation that underlie a parliamentary democracy based on the rule of law. The Legislative Standards Act establishes the meaning of FLPs by requiring that legislation has sufficient regard to the rights and liberties of individuals and to the institution of Parliament, with a non-exhaustive

Inquiry into the road safety benefits of fixed speed cameras
In March 2010 the Economic Development Committee (the Committee) launched an inquiry into the road safety benefits of fixed speed cameras. The Committee tabled Report No. 4: Inquiry into the road safety benefits of fixed speed cameras on 7 October 2010. The report contained 15 recommendations in acknowledgment of the human, social and economic costs of road crash trauma on our community. Ten of t

Accommodation of low risk women prisoners
Low security correctional centres offer women prisoners the best opportunity to rehabilitate, make reparation to the community, develop vocational skills and reintegrate back into the community after release. Numinbah Correctional Centre will be decommissioned as a men’s correctional centre. The male prisoners currently at Numinbah Correctional Centre will be transferred to other low security cor

Operation Queenslander Implementation Plan 2011-13
On 23 March 2011, the Premier and Minister for Reconstruction released Operation Queenslander – The State Plan, which sets out the Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s strategic road map to guide the ongoing reconstruction work necessary through all stages of the State’s recovery. The Implementation Plan sits below the overarching State Plan, and provides the ‘how’ to the massive task of rebuildi

Parliament of Qld Reform and Modernisation Amendment Bill 2011
In August 2009, the Government released the Integrity and Accountability in Queensland discussion paper to promote public discussion on improving Queensland’s integrity and accountability framework. The consultation on the paper highlighted the importance of the Legislative Assembly possessing and maintaining a high standard of scrutiny over the legislative process. In response to this feedback

Proclamation under Corporations Act 2001
Under the Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2001 (the Act), the Parliament of Queensland referred to the Commonwealth Parliament the powers: to enact the Corporations Act 2001 and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 as Commonwealth legislation extending to each State; and to make laws about forming corporations, corporate regulation and financial products and service

Qld Regionalisation Strategy - Contributing to Rebuilding a Better Qld
The Queensland Regionalisation Strategy (QRS) was a key action arising from the 2010 Queensland Growth Management Summit. Participants in the 2010 Growth Management Summit recommended that strengthening Queensland’s regions must be a priority, and Government help is required to spread both the potential negative impacts of growth and the prosperity that growth brings. The Strategy recognises o

Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Amendment Bill 2011
The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Amendment Bill 2011 implements the national uniform laws on residential tenancy databases adopted by the Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs. In particular, the amendments to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 assist applicants for rental properties to understand the use of tenancy databases and to obtain a copy of

second submission to commission of inquiry 2010-2011 flood events
Following the flooding events of December 2010 and January 2011, the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry was established to consider flood preparedness, planning and responses. The Commission was directed to provide an interim report by 1 August 2011 containing recommendations relating to flood preparedness for the 2011/2012 wet season. The Commission was also directed to provide a final repo

Significant Appointments - April 2011
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State  Aboriginal Land Tribunal Mr Stephen Keim SC (Deputy Chair) From 6 May 2011 to 5 May 2012  Land Court Mr Stephen Keim SC From 6 May 2011 to 5 May 2012  Crime