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Body Corporate and Community Management Amendment Bill 2010
Community titles schemes involve the collective ownership and management of common property and body corporate assets. Under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997, most costs associated with living in a scheme are proportioned by a lot owner’s allocated contribution schedule lot entitlement. On 19 February 2010, following a review of the lot entitlement system, the Government anno

Bureau of Meteorology briefing
Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Regional Director Mr Jim Davidson briefed Cabinet on the Queensland summer weather forecast. Mr Davidson said that Queensland could experience up to six cyclones over summer and well above average rainfalls. Mr Davidson said that historically Queensland could expect an average of four cyclones a season in the Coral Sea. While the number could be potentially higher, the

Caloundra South Urban Development Area
The Urban Land Development Authority 2007 (ULDA Act) provides for particular parts of Queensland to be declared as Urban Development Areas (UDAs) and establishes the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) to plan, carry out, promote, coordinate and control the development of land in those areas. The Delivering the Queensland Housing Affordability Strategy: Greenfield land supply in South East Qu

Cross River Rail Reference Design
Cross River Rail is a proposed north-south rail line in Brisbane’s inner city, including a new tunnel under the Brisbane River and new underground inner city rail stations. Following technical investigations and community and stakeholder consultation, the Cross River Rail reference design was developed which includes tunnel design, surface track design, station design and entry points, property

Draft Surat Basin Regional Planning Framework
The Surat Basin is one of Australia’s largest and relatively untouched energy resource areas covering approximately 109,640 square kilometres and includes the Local Government areas of Maranoa, Toowoomba, and the Western Downs regional Councils. While the area has a strong and traditional agricultural foundation and has attracted investment toward the energy resource sector at various times over t

Family Responsibility Commission Annual Report 2009-10 and April-June 10 Qtr Report
In line with the Family Responsibilities Commission Act 2008, which established the Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC), the Minister is to be provided with the FRC’s Annual Report each year for tabling in Parliament. The FRC also provides the Minister with quarterly reports on its operations. The Annual Report 2009-10 provides statistical and financial information including: 4364 agency

Great Sandy Regional Marine Aquaculture Plan Policy Marine Authorities
The Queensland Government has adopted a planning approach for aquaculture, to ensure that future aquaculture development is suitably located and managed, and to increase the opportunities for involvement of affected stakeholders including the public. Initial planning activities focussed on guiding the development of non-intensive (that is, no feed added) marine aquaculture activities in the Great

Liquor and Other Leg Amend Bill 2010
On 4 August 2009, the Law, Justice and Safety Committee was requested by the Legislative Assembly to conduct an inquiry into alcohol-related violence in Queensland, with a focus on community safety and preventative measures to reduce alcohol related violence, including its ramifications. The Committee tabled the final report of the inquiry into alcohol-related violence in the Legislative Assembl

Draft Qld Government National Broadband Network Master Plan
On 7 April 2009 the Australian Government announced its intention to undertake Australia’s largest ever infrastructure project by spending $43 billion over eight years to construct a National Broadband Network (NBN). A state-wide Master Plan is being developed to ensure the optimal implementation and utilisation of the NBN in Queensland. This Master Plan will focus on the achievement of the Queens

Occupational Licensing National Law Bill 2010
The Occupational Licensing National Law (Queensland) Bill 2010 (the Bill) applies the schedule to the Occupational National Licensing Law (Victoria) 2010 which was hosted and passed by the Victoria Parliament. The Bill provides for the following matters - To apply as a law of Queensland the Occupational Licensing National Law (the Law); The Law provides for a national licensing system and is the

Police Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
In June 2010, the Premier and Minister for the Arts announced that legislation to allow for the statewide roll-out of public nuisance ticketing would be introduced into the Parliament later this year, following an evaluation of a 12-month trial. The Police Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (the Bill) amends the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 to remove provisions which currently limit th

Referral NonParole Periods Sentencing advisory council
The Sentencing Advisory Council for Queensland was established under changes to the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 (Qld), to help bridge any gap between community expectations, the courts and government on the complex issue of sentencing criminal offenders. The aims behind the Sentencing Advisory Council will be to promote greater consistency in sentencing; stimulate balanced public debate and

Progress Report on Towards Q2 Tomorrow's Queensland
In September 2008, Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland (Toward Q2) was released as the Government’s blueprint for the future. The vision outlines five ambitions and 10 targets for a strong, green, smart, healthy and fair Queensland by 2020. The Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland Annual Progress Report 2009-10 provides a summary of performance against the Toward Q2 targets, where data has become availa

Qld Industry Participation Bill 2010
The principle of promoting participation by capable, competitive companies in major Government-funded construction, infrastructure, resource and capital asset investment projects in the State has been the main thrust of the Queensland Government’s existing Local Industry Policy - a fair go for local industry (LIP) since its introduction in December 1999 and its revision in 2007. This has been re

2010-11 to 2013-14 Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program
The Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 requires the annual production and publication of a works program. Following the amalgamation of the former Departments of Main Roads and Transport, the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP) replaces the Roads Implementation Program published annually by the former Department of Main Roads since 1995. The QTRIP is a four-year program of

Report of the Review of Workers Compensation Scheme
An independent Structural Review of Institutional and Working Arrangements in Queensland’s Workers’ Compensation Scheme (the Review) has been undertaken with support from a stakeholder reference group. The Review was to advise on: Appropriate strategies and institutional arrangements to ensure the roles and functions of Q-COMP, WorkCover and the Department of Justice and Attorney-General in Queen

Consultation for the Qld Strategy for reducing Homelessness 2010-2020
The development of a 10 year Queensland Strategy for Reducing Homelessness (the Strategy) will provide a Queensland vision for reducing homelessness and a framework for the development of homelessness community action plans. The Strategy will provide a platform to build on past and existing work, drive further reforms, ensure our investment is achieving effective outcomes, and improve our future p

Significant Appointments - October 2010
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Economic Development  Ergon Energy Corporation Limited Mr Anthony Mooney 1 November 2010 to 30 September 2011  Gambling Community Benefit Committee Mr Mark Jeffery (chair) Mr Richard Bowly Mr David Ford Ms Monica Jame

State Planning Policy Air Noise and Hazardous Materials
The Queensland Government publicly released the draft State Planning Policy for Air, Noise and Hazardous Materials (SPP) for consultation in late 2009. The final SPP has been developed following the consultation period on the draft SPP. The SPP applies throughout the State of Queensland and seeks to ensure that local planning instruments protect the health, wellbeing, amenity and safety of commu

State of the Service Report 2010
The State of the Service Report 2010 is an authoritative and reliable account of the current state of the Queensland Public Service (QPS). The Report provides an insight into the QPS and those agencies in the Queensland Public Sector that employ staff under the Public Service Act 2008. The Report explores key aspects of the QPS’ approach to workforce and organisational management. It focuses on s

State Planning Policy for Healthy Waters
In August 2009, the Government released the draft State Planning Policy for Healthy Waters (the SPP) for public consultation. The SPP is made under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 and applies throughout the State of Queensland to new development for urban purposes. The SPP will influence those land use planning and development decisions that may individually or collectively affect water quali

Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
The Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 provides the regulatory framework for managing groundwater impacts on water supply bores and natural springs associated with the liquefied natural gas (LNG) and petroleum industry and for the supply of coal seam gas water associated with the LNG industry as recycled water that augments town drinking water supply sources. The Bill also amends nat

Liquor Amend Reg (No 2) 2010 Wujal Wujal
The Liquor Amendment Regulation (No. 2) 2010 (the Regulation) amends the Liquor Regulations 2002 by extending the Wujal Wujal alcohol restricted area boundary to include several lots of land owned by the Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council, including all roads and foreshores that pass through or bound the land lots. The Regulation also applies a bona fide traveller exemption to several roads, i