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10 year plan for Queenslanders with a disability
The draft 10 Year Plan for Supporting Queenslanders with a Disability (the 10 Year Plan) sets out the Queensland Government’s vision and commitment for achieving better outcomes for Queenslanders with a disability. It affirms the Queensland Government’s recognition that people with a disability are valued citizens with aspirations and potential to participate and contribute to society like other p

Magistrates entitlements and retirement age
Section 47 of the Magistrates Act 1991 prescribes that, in addition to salary, Magistrates are to be paid allowances as determined by the Governor in Council. The terms and conditions of Magistrates (other than remuneration as salary) determined by the Governor in Council are published in the Magistrates’ Entitlements booklet. A departmental protocol was established in which proposed changes to Ma

Cost of Food and Freight in Torres Strait
In 2006, the cost of a basket of healthy food in the Torres Strait was 33.5 percent higher than in major cities and 23.2 percent higher than Townsville and Cairns. This is similar to other communities more than 2000 kilometres from Brisbane, including Indigenous communities in Cape York and the Gulf. High food prices are of particular concern in the context of the Torres Strait’s poor health outc

Education and Training Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
The Education and Training Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (the Bill) will amend legislation administered by the Department of Education and Training to provide for the following matters: Power of State school principals to exclude a student On 18 December 2009, the Minister for Education and Training announced the Government’s commitment to grant State school principals the power to exclude stude

Exposure Draft of the Aboriginal Land and Torres Strait Islander Land Bill 2010
The exposure draft of the Aboriginal Land and Torres Strait Islander Land and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 amends the Aboriginal Land Act 1991 and the Torres Strait Islander Land Act 1991 which are administered by the Department of Environment and Resource Management. The proposed amendments will: replicate in the Torres Strait Islander Land Act 1991, where appropriate, amendments made to

Geothermal Energy Bill 2010
Exploration for geothermal energy has been under way in Queensland since 2005 under the Geothermal Exploration Act 2004. The purpose of the Geothermal Energy Bill 2010 (the Bill) is to provide a new framework for developing the exploration and production of geothermal energy and aims to encourage the growth of this clean energy industry in Queensland. The Bill also contains amendments to the Min

Government Response to Coronial Recommendations 2009
The Queensland Government Response to Coronial Recommendations 2009 (the report) documents the Government’s response to coronial recommendations and comments directed to the Queensland Government departments in 2009. The report contains implementation details for one hundred and thirty-seven recommendations and comments directed to the Queensland Government drawn from forty-three coronial inquests

Govt response to Qld Growth Summit
The Queensland Growth Summit was held on 30 and 31 March 2010. The summit brought together community, business, industry, local government and experts in planning, development, infrastructure and sustainability to discuss population growth, prosperity, liveability and sustainability in Queensland. The Premier committed to providing a government response within six weeks of the conclusion of the s

Govt Submission Inquiry road safety benefits fixed speed cameras
In March 2010 the Economic Development Committee (Committee) launched an inquiry into the road safety benefits of fixed speed cameras. The Committee released Issues Paper No. 2 – Inquiry into the road safety benefits of fixed speed cameras, to stimulate debate and to guide submissions to the Inquiry. Fixed speed cameras are a part of a key road safety program in Queensland and the Queensland gover

Implementing the Koala Response Strategy - Finalising the Koala State Planning Instruments
In December 2009, the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability and the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning released a draft State Planning Policy (SPP) and State Planning Regulatory Provision (SPRP) for consultation that were aimed at delivering koala conservation outcomes through the planning and development system. All submissions received during the public consultation period were co

North Stradbroke Island Vision
In 2009 the Department of Environment and Resource Management and the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation commenced preparation of a plan for North Stradbroke Island that addressed a transition strategy to phase out mining and resolve native title through mediation so as to enable appropriate land allocation and national park dedication. Cabinet approved the North Stradbr

North West Regional Plan
The Blueprint for the Bush initiative is a 10-year partnership plan between Queensland Government, the Local Government Association of Queensland and AgForce to foster support sustainable, liveable and prosperous rural communities in Queensland. This initiative seeks to address service and infrastructure delivery challenges experienced by regional communities experiencing static or declining popu

Private Members Bill - Child Protection Bill 2011
The Member for Gregory Mr Vaughan Johnson MP, introduced the Child Protection (More Stringent Offender Reporting) Amendment Bill 2010 as a Private Member’s Bill on 14 April 2010. The Private Member’s Bill proposes to increase the reporting requirements for offenders, restructure penalties for non-compliance and release the information of offenders for non-compliance. The Private Member’s Bill is n

Positively Ageless - Qld Seniors' Strategy 2010-20 and Action Plan 2010-12
The Premier and Minister for the Arts and the Minister for Community Services and Housing and Minister for Women launched the public consultation process for the seniors’ strategy, including a discussion paper and consultation questions. Positive comments were received throughout the consultation process about government services provided to seniors. Positively Ageless has been developed to focus

Queensland Electric Vehicle Roadmap
Electric vehicles (EVs) are internationally recognised as an important emerging technology for reducing road transport emissions, improving domestic energy security and supporting clean-tech industry development. The arrival of EVs presents a number of issues and opportunities for Queensland including: Environmental impacts of EVs; Impacts to Energy Generation and Electricity Transmission and Dist

Response to the Premier's Council on Climate change Working Paper 4
The Premier’s Council on Climate Change provides strategic advice to the Queensland Government and is comprised of 12 members external to Government with expertise across key sectors. The Council developed its fourth Working Paper, entitled Capturing Carbon in the Rural Landscape: Opportunities for Queensland. The Council Paper includes 15 recommendations to the Queensland Government on policy and

Quarterly Public Hospitals Report - March 2010
The Quarterly Public Hospitals Performance Report, provides an overview of Queensland public hospitals including: inpatient activity, elective surgery waiting times, emergency department presentations and staffing. Hospital Activity There were 225,923 admitted patient episodes of care, a 3.8% increase from the March 2009 quarter. Elective Surgery Performance Across all categories, the median w

Significant Appointments - May 2010
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Premier and Minister for the Arts  Queensland Theatre Company Dr Kate Foy (Chair) Professor Richard Fotheringham 1 July 2010 to 26 March 2011 20 May 2010 to 19 May 2013  Queensland Performing Arts Trust Mr Henry Smerdon (Chair) Mr Simon Gallaher Ms Helene

Skilled Migration Program
The Australian Government announced changes to the nature of state and territory involvement in skilled migration. In particular, it imposed a new requirement for State Migration Plans, impacting on Queensland’s participation in the program. The Queensland Government has participated in the Australian Government’s skilled migration program in some capacity since 2004. Queensland participation

State Planning Instruments Program
The State Planning Instruments (SPI) Program will establish a process to improve the way State interests are identified and represented in the land use planning and development framework and the way in which SPIs are developed and delivered across Government. The Sustainable Planning Act 2009, which commenced in December 2009, makes SPIs the only way of expressing State interests in Queensland’s

State Planning Regulatory Provisions - Adult Stores
In January 2009 the Deputy Premier and former Minister of Infrastructure and Planning announced the development of new state provisions that would prevent the development of new adult stores within 200m of existing sensitive uses such as schools and churches. A draft State Planning Regulatory Provision (SPRP) – Adult Stores was released for public consultation in July 2009 and took effect immediat

Wild Rivers - Wenlock Basin Wild Rivers Declaration
In December 2008, the Government released the Wenlock Basin Wild River Declaration Proposal. The Wenlock River exhibits water flows, water quality, sediments transport processes and ecosystems in near-pristine condition. A wild river declaration details the criteria new development proposals must meet to ensure the protection of the river’s natural values. The declaration details the extent of t