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Update of the Accelerated Planning Initiative
The State Government in 2006 initiated, under the banner of the Accelerated Planning Initiative (API), a set of cross-agency policy initiatives to provide a regulatory management regime to manage existing high impact industries, and establish best practice standards for new operations. The API consisted of eight cross-agency projects with implementation overseen by the API Steering Committee. M

Annual Gas Market Review
The first commercial production of coal seam gas (CSG) in Queensland occurred at Moura in 1996. Since then the industry has experienced remarkable growth, with considerable investment in the development of the State’s extensive CSG resources leading to the emergence of the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export industry to be based in Gladstone. Partly as a result of the emerging LNG indus

Blackwater, Moranbah and Bowen Street-Roma Urban Development Areas
The Urban Land Development Authority 2007 (ULDA Act) provides for particular parts of Queensland to be declared as Urban Development Areas (UDAs) and establishes the Urban Land Development Authority to plan, carry out, promote, coordinate and control the development of land in those areas. The three proposed UDAs of Blackwater, Moranbah and Bowen Street, Roma fall under the resource towns housin

Progress Report on Climate Change Initiatives and Actions
Queensland’s climate change strategies, ClimateQ: toward a greener Queensland, ClimateSmart 2050 and ClimateSmart Adaptation 2007-12, represent the most comprehensive suite of initiatives of any Australian jurisdiction. Since the launch of ClimateQ in August 2009, and ClimateSmart 2050 and ClimateSmart Adaptation 2007-12 in 2007, of the 124 initiatives (as at end April 2010): 109 have been delive

Community safety and alcohol reform
In response to very high levels of alcohol related harm and violence, alcohol restrictions were rolled out in 19 discrete Indigenous communities. There was a review of the restrictions in 2008 which led to substantial reforms in alcohol management. Alcohol restrictions declared under the Liquor Act 1992 do not specify an end date. Stated government policy is that restrictions will remain in pla

Connecting SEQ 2031 Regional Transport Plan
The draft Connecting SEQ 2031 is an Integrated Regional Transport Plan for South East Queensland and supports the sustainable management of growth and aims to address the transport challenges of the region. Connecting SEQ 2031 has been developed to respond to the SEQ Regional Plan’s growth framework and deliver a vision to guide transport planning and delivery of transport projects in south east Q

Amendments Recreation Areas Mgt Reg 2007 to declare Cooloola Recreation Area
In July 2009 the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability released a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) which explored the options available for managing the Cooloola area including requirements for and costs of vehicle access permits. Revenue from the fees will be applied to managing visitor impacts, funding necessary visitor facilities, such as barbeques, showers, toilets and campgrounds a

Qld Government submission to the Inquiry into grey nomad tourism
In April 2010, the Parliamentary Economic Development Committee initiated an Inquiry into developing Queensland’s rural and regional communities through grey nomad tourism. Grey nomads (an affectionate term for older travellers who take to a road travel lifestyle and frequent Australia’s rural and regional sights) are an important section of the Queensland tourism market. The Queensland Govern

Ideas Festival
The Queensland Government has committed to fund the biennial Ideas Festival to be staged in 2011 and 2013. From 2011 the event will be delivered through a new delivery model, with greater emphasis on achieving better value for money for the government and for Queenslanders. The new model will see the event used to explore key policy challenges currently facing the Queensland community. Expert thin

March 2010 Floods in South West Qld and Tropical Cyclone Ului - Update
During the last week of February and the first week of March 2010, an exceptional monsoonal rain event affected Queensland. Coming on top of two earlier rainfall events over the previous three months, extensive reaches of South West Queensland experienced the worst flooding in living memory. Many residents lost property and personal effects. State Agencies provided support and assistance, but

Implementation of the government response to the Qld Growth Mangement Summit
In November 2009, the Premier and Minister for the Arts announced a Queensland Growth Management Summit, which was held on 30 and 31 March 2010. The summit brought together representatives from all levels of Government, community, business, industry and experts in planning, development, infrastructure and sustainability to discuss population growth, prosperity, liveability and sustainability in

Qld's discrete Indigenous Communities and Family Responsibilities Commission
The first Quarterly report on key indicators in Queensland’s discrete Indigenous communities for the period January – March 2008 was tabled by the Premier in Parliament on 6 June 2008. Reports have since been released for April – June 2008, July – September 2008, October – December 2008, January – March 2009, April – June 2009, July – September 2009 and October – December 2009. The Reports provi

Summary Offences - Graffiti Removal Powers
The Summary Offences (Graffiti Removal Powers ) Amendment Act 2008 (the Act) provides a legislative basis to allow authorised Queensland Government officers, local council officers and officers from government owned corporations to remove graffiti from private places: without notifying the property owner where the graffiti can be reached from a public place and entry to the private property is n

South East Queensland Water Strategy
The South East Queensland Water Strategy (Strategy) is a 50 year plan to ensure a sustainable, efficient and secure water supply for South East Queensland. It is based on the key principles of conserving water, being prepared and managing water efficiently. The revised draft Strategy was released from 20 November 2009 to 12 February 2010 for consultation. During the consultation period, a total o

Significant Appointments - July 2010
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships  Family Responsibilities Commission Mr Andrew James (Jim) Brooks Mr Rodney Curtin 22 July 2010 to 1 January 2012  Minister for Infrastructure and Planning  Pool Safety Council

Swimming Pool safety laws
In December 2008, the Queensland Government announced the most comprehensive review of the State's swimming pool safety laws in nearly 20 years. An independent swimming pool safety review committee was then established and presented 23 improvement ideas to the Government for consideration. Following extensive public consultation, the Government adopted all the swimming pool safety review committee

Toward Q2 Tomorrow's Qld 2010-2011 Target Delivery Plans
Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland was released in September 2008 as the Government’s vision for Queensland. It outlines five ambitions and 10 long-term measurable targets for a strong, green, smart, healthy and fair Queensland by 2020. Since the launch of Toward Q2, there has been modest but positive progress toward the majority of the 10 targets, with the ABS to release updated data later in the y

Discussion Draft Weapons Bill 2010
In 2006, the then Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Sport announced a review of the Weapons Act 1990 (the Act) and subordinate legislation and established the Weapons Review Committee (the Committee) that considered submissions from the public, the weapons industry and the Queensland Police Service. The Committee identified over 440 proposals for legislative change to the Act, the Weap