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Building Legislation - Swimming Pools
Last year, eight children drowned in Queensland pools. In the last six years, 35 children have drowned in the State’s residential swimming pools. In addition, it is estimated that 50 children a year present to emergency departments for immersion injuries, some of whom suffer brain damage due to lack of oxygen. On 14 December 2008, the Premier announced a review of Queensland’s swimming pool safety

Queensland Government response to Chronic Disease in Queensland
In April 2009, the Social Development Committee (the Committee), a select Parliamentary Committee, was directed by the Queensland Parliament to conduct an inquiry considering the impact of chronic diseases on Queensland communities and the steps that could be taken to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases in Queensland communities. The Committee tabled its report (the Report) in Parliament on

City of Brisbane Bill 2010
On 21 July 2006, the Government announced the review of the Local Government Act 1993 (LGA 1993) and the City of Brisbane Act 1924 (CoBA), with the reviews being undertaken sequentially, beginning with the LGA 1993. The new Local Government Act 2009 (LGA 2009) was passed on 4 June 2009 and on 1 July 2010 will replace the LGA 1993 as the principal legislative framework for 72 Local Governments. Im

Civil and Criminal Jursidiction Reform and Modernisation Amendment Bill 2010
On 28 July 2008, a review of the civil and criminal justice system in Queensland was launched by the Queensland Government. Former Senior Judge Administrator, the Honourable Martin Moynihan AO QC, was appointed to conduct the review and report on the working of Queensland courts in the civil and criminal jurisdictions with a view to making more effective use of public resources. The report on th

Amendments to Credit Bill 2009
The Credit (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2009 (the Bill) refers constitutional power for credit and advice to the Commonwealth and repeals the Credit Act 1987, Consumer Credit (Queensland) Act 1994, the appended template Credit Code and supporting Regulations. Following introduction of the Bill, the Commonwealth and the State Governments agreed to modify the terms of the referred amendment power

Criminal Code (Images of Violence Against Children)
The Member for Moggill and Shadow Minister for Education and Training, Dr Bruce Flegg, introduced the Criminal Code (Filming or Possessing Images of Violence Against Schoolchildren) Amendment Bill 2010 as a Private Member’s Bill in March 2010. The Bill replaced the Criminal Code (Filming or Possessing Images of Violence Against Children) Amendment Bill 2009, which Dr Flegg withdrew. The Explanator

Criminal Code (Serious Assaults on Police)
The Member for Southern Downs and Deputy Leader for the Opposition, Mr Lawrence Springborg MP introduced the Criminal Code (Serious Assaults on Police and Particular Other Persons) Amendment Bill 2010 as a Private Member’s Bill in February 2010. The Bill proposed amendments to section 340 of the Criminal Code, which contains the offence of serious assault. The Bill aims to introduce mandatory mini

Biobased Industrial Products Sector Discussion Paper
The bio-based industrial products sector is emerging worldwide as a growing and increasingly valuable and viable industry. Its development is being driven by the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the quest to achieve a level of energy independence and declining mineral oil resources. Queensland has the potential to become a leading producer of bio-based industrial products and technologies

Moratorium on release of state-owned operating authorities
On 17 April 2008, the Honourable Anna Bligh MP, Premier announced an immediate two year moratorium on the release of additional gaming machines to hotels as part of a package of measures to minimise gambling related harm. Under the moratorium only the 19,310 of the current 20,000 gaming machine authorities allowed under the cap were available to hotels. Cabinet approved the extension of the curr

March 2010 Floods and Cyclone Ului
An exceptional monsoonal rain event affected Queensland during the last week of February and the first week of March. The Bureau of Meteorology estimates that 403 cubic kilometres of rain fell across the Northern Territory and Queensland. This came on top of two earlier rainfall events over the previous three months. As a result, extensive reaches of South West Queensland experienced their wors

Inquiry into addressing Cannabis-Related Harm in Queensland
In May 2009, the Social Development Committee was directed by the Legislative Assembly to conduct an inquiry (the Inquiry) into addressing cannabis-related harm in Queensland and report back to Parliament by 23 April 2010. The Queensland Government is greatly concerned about the impact of illicit drug use and supports whole-of-government action to address the harms of cannabis use for the Queens

Languages other than English (LOTE) in State Schools
The Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs has nationally recognised the value of developing language skills and intercultural understanding as a core component of students’ educational experience. The Council of Australian Governments agreed to the National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program in December 2008 through the Productivity Agenda Wo

Govt response to Crime and Misconduct Commission Report Restoring Order
The CMC report Restoring order: Crime prevention and local justice in Queensland’s Indigenous communities was released on 20 November 2009, in response to the Queensland Government’s 2007 request for a review of policing in Indigenous communities. Cabinet broadly supported all six recommendations of the CMC. Five of the CMC recommendations were supported in full, including: a focus on crime preven

Racing and Other Leg Amendment Bill 2010
The Racing and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (the Bill), amends the Racing Act 2002, the Wagering Act 1998, and the Gaming Machine Act 1991 administered by the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. The object of the Bill is to effect the amalgamation of the three existing racing industry control bodies, Queensland Racing Limited, Queensland Harness Racing Limited a

SEQ Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) and Other Leg Amend Bill 2010
The South East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 provides the regulatory framework, including operational powers, to enable the three new council owned entities to deliver water and wastewater services to customers within South East Queensland from 1 July 2010. The Bill enables the continued and effective management of water restrict

Significant Appointments - April 2010
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Premier and Minister for the Arts  Privacy Commissioner Ms Linda Matthews 15 June 2010 to 14 June 2013  Deputy Premier and Minister for Health  Medical Radiation Technologists Board of Queensland Edward (John) Anderson Dominic Kennedy Wayne Nuss Pamela Rown

Transport and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (No.2) 2010
The Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 amends the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994, Transport Planning and Coordination Act 1994, and the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 to provide a clearly defined framework to engage the Operator Franchise Public Private Partnership for Stage 1 of the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project. The Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 is amende