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Amendment to the Acquisition of Land Act 1967
The amendments to the Acquisition of Land Act 1967 allow for the compulsory acquisition of land outside the urban footprint in the local government areas of Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands, Logan and Gold Coast for the purposes of conserving koalas. The main reason for this amendment is to acquire non-urban land where it has not been possible to negotiate voluntary purcha

Alcohol Related violence - inquiry
On 4 August 2009, the Law, Justice and Safety Committee received a referral from Parliament to conduct an inquiry into alcohol-related violence. As this is a matter of interest to many government agencies a whole-of-Government submission was prepared. Cabinet approved the whole-of-Government submission being provided to the inquiry. Attachments Letter Premier to Committee 6 October 2009 Queenslan

Building and Other legislation
The Building and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 (the Bill) implements Sustainable Housing Stage 2 measures, miscellaneous amendments to the Building Act 1975 (BA), facilitates the introduction of a Queensland Development Code part for Buildings in Transport Noise Corridors and the abolition of the Plumbers and Drainers Board. The BA, Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 (PDA), Fire and Rescue Ser

Civil Liability and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
The Civil Liability and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 amends and modernises the civil liability and personal injury regime in Queensland. The Bill includes amendments to: re-base and facilitate the future indexation of monetary amounts in the Civil Liability Act 2003 (CLA), the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 and the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (PIPA), including the legal cos

Criminal Code (Honesty and Integrity in Parliament)
The Member for Surfers Paradise and then Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for the Arts, Mr John-Paul Langbroek MP, introduced the Criminal Code (Honesty and Integrity in Parliament) Amendment Bill 2009 on 19 August 2009. The Explanatory Notes to the Bill state the purpose of the Bill is to amend the Criminal Code to introduce the offence of giving false evidence to Parliament and the

Criminal Organisation Bill 2009
The Criminal Organisation Bill 2009 allows for criminal organisations to be “declared” by the Supreme Court upon application by the Police Commissioner and for members and associates of declared organisations, on application of the Police Commissioner, to be liable to have control orders imposed on them. Activities that may be controlled by an order include: associating with other persons; posses

Development Assessment Monitoring and Performance Implementation Plan
In February 2009, the Deputy Premier and then Minister for Infrastructure and Planning announced the implementation of an annual report for development assessments in Queensland. The first report is due to be published in late 2010 based on information collected for the 2009-10 financial year. Information on development assessments processed under the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS

Fair Work (Cth Powers) and other Provisions Bill 2009
The Fair Work (Commonwealth Powers) and Other Provisions Bill 2009 contains provisions to: refer certain powers relating to workplace relations to the Parliament of the Commonwealth, to enable the Parliament of the Commonwealth to make laws about workplace relations for employees and employers in Queensland who would otherwise be outside the reach of Commonwealth legislative power; and make some

Family Responsibility Commission Annual Report - 08-09
The Family Responsibilities Commission Annual Report 2008 – 2009 (the Report) provides information on the operation of the Commission since its commencement on 1 July 2008. In line with the Family Responsibilities Commission Act 2008, which established the FRC, the Minister is to be provided with the FRC’s Annual Report by 31 October each year and is then required to table the Report within 14

Amendments to Gambling Bill 2009
The Gambling and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 proposes that the Liquor Act 1992 be amended to include a moratorium on extended trading hours approvals after midnight, but with an exemption from the moratorium only for applications in inner city areas with a concentration of licensed premises with approved extended trading hours after midnight. It is intended that the moratorium be impos

New Arrangements for Asset Management of Government Employee Housing
The Queensland Government owns approximately 4,400 residential dwellings for use by Government employees to support the delivery of government services throughout the State. These assets have a total capital value of approximately $850 million and are primarily located in regional and remote locations around the State with approximately 460 residences located in Indigenous communities. Under th

Govt Response to PCMC Report 79
The Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee is required to review the activities of the Crime and Misconduct Commission and report to the Legislative Assembly as near as possible to the end of each parliamentary term on any further action that should be taken in relation to the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001 or the functions, powers and operations of the Crime and Misconduct Commission. On 20

Gulf and Mitchell Resource Operations Plans
The draft Gulf Resource Operations Plan and the draft Mitchell Resource Operations Plan were released for public submissions in October 2008. Key provisions of the final plans: detail rules for the conversion to, and granting of, water entitlements to tradable water allocations in the Mount Isa water supply scheme areas; set out a process for dealing with 178 900 megalitres of unallocated water

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Bill 2009
The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Bill 2009 (the Bill) is to provide the National Law, hosted by Queensland, that sets out the legal framework for the new National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for Health Professions (the National Scheme). The Bill is the second stage of the National Law for the National Scheme and is consistent with the Council of Australian Governments (CO

Implementing the Koala Response Strategy
In December 2008 Cabinet endorsed the Koala Response Strategy which commits the Queensland Government to ensuring a net gain in koala habitat in south east Queensland by 2020 and to implement a range of further measures to reverse declines in koala populations in the region. In July 2009 the new SEQ Regional Plan identified 14 koala populations and committed the Queensland Government to ensure the

Land Regulation 2009
The Land Regulation 1995 commenced in 1995 and under section 54(1) of the Statutory Instruments Act 1992 was due to expire on 31 August 2009. A review of the Land Regulation was completed. As part of this review, a Regulatory Impact Statement documenting the proposed changes to the Regulation was released in April 2008 for public comment by July 2008.. The amendment and remake of the Regulation i

Multicultural future
The 2006 Census identified that approximately 18% of Queensland’s 4.3 million people were born overseas. In the 12 months to 31 December 2008, approximately 46% of Queensland’s population growth was from net overseas migration. The current Queensland Government Multicultural Policy, Multicultural Queensland – making a world of difference, was introduced in 2004. Since then a number of factors have

Outcomes of the evaluation of the One Punch Can Kill Campaign
In October 2006, following the tragic death of teenager Matthew Stanley, the Queensland Government announced the formation of the Youth Violence Taskforce (Taskforce). The Taskforce was made up of Government representatives, community members and young people. Over 12 months the Youth Violence Taskforce examined ways to reduce incidents of violent behaviour involving young people with a view to re

Constitution (Preamble) Amendment Bill 2009
On 4 December 2008 and 23 April 2009, the Parliament of Queensland referred to the Law, Justice and Safety Committee (formerly the Legal, Constitutional and Administrative Review Committee) the task of developing a text for a preamble to the Constitution of Queensland 2001. In drafting the text for a preamble to the Queensland Constitution, the Committee was directed to include both an aspiratio

Qld Civil and Administrative Tribunal and other Leg Amendment Reg (No. ) 2009
On 12 March 2008, the Premier and Minister for the Arts announced that that a new civil and administrative tribunal was to commence in the second half of 2009. The new tribunal would deal with a range of matters currently dealt with by tribunals as well as some civil disputes (including small claims and minor debt matters) and a range of administrative decisions that are currently dealt with in t

Response_Energy Technical and Safety Plan and RIS
On 7 September 2009, the Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE) Energy Technical and Safety Leaders Group released the Draft Energy Technical and Safety Harmonisation Enhancement Plan (Draft Plan) and the associated consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for a five week public consultation period. Public submissions to the Draft Plan and consultation RIS closed on 9 October 2009. The Departm

Tourism Action Plan to 2012
The Tourism Action Plan is underpinned by the need for focussed government and industry action in the following strategic priority areas: Investing in tourism jobs; Building tourism infrastructure; Sales and marketing; and Research Consistent with the Queensland Tourism Strategy, the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation will have overarching responsibility for leadin

Remote Indigenous Land and Infrastructure Program Office - work program
The Remote Indigenous Land and Infrastructure Program Office was established to facilitate the social and economic development in Queensland’s 34 discrete Indigenous communities. Two major deliverables identified are, by: June 2010, To develop community specific strategies which facilitate the delivery of capital works by: identifying available land; identifying and pursuing the most expeditious

SEQ Water Distribution and Retail Restructuring Bill 2009
New institutional arrangements are being implemented in South East Queensland (SEQ) to ensure the efficient and effective supply of water. The South East Queensland Water Restructuring Act 2007 established three statutory authorities to own the bulk supply, bulk transport and manufactured water infrastructure and businesses in SEQ. This Act also established the SEQ Water Grid Manager. These enti

Significant Appointments October 2009
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Premier and Minister for the Arts  Major Brisbane Festivals Proprietary Limited Ms Julie McGlone Ms Leigh Tabrett Mr Chris Freeman (Chair) Ms Anna Marsden Mr Philip Bacon Mr Sean O’Boyle Ms Susan Forrester Dr David Watson Mr Ed Haysom Mr Craig Porter 1 November

SPP Indigenous Trust Land
Cabinet considered a proposal for a temporary State Planning Policy under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 titled ‘Reconfiguring a Lot Code for Land in Indigenous Local Government Areas to which a Local Planning Scheme does not Apply’. The State Planning Policy will be effective for up to 12 months and will enable Indigenous Local Governments to approve applications for a reconfiguration of a lo

Statutory plan Whitsunday and Mackay region
The Queensland Government is considering preparing a statutory regional plan for the Mackay, Hinterland and Whitsunday (WHAM) region under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA). If a statutory regional plan was to be developed for the WHAM region, it will give the State power to guide the development of planning schemes and assess major developments under the IPA. A statutory regional plan for th

Surrogacy Bill 2009
The draft Surrogacy Bill 2009 (the Bill) decriminalises altruistic surrogacy; allows parties to enter into an altruistic surrogacy arrangement where a woman agrees to conceive and carry a child for another person or another person and that person’s spouse; and provides for a court to make an order for the transfer of the parentage of the child born as a result of the surrogacy arrangement. This

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act
The amendments enable the Governor to make a gazette notice endorsing a permanent exemption of section 9B of the Summary Offences Act 1953 (SA) from the TransTasman Mutual Recognition Act 2003 (Cwlth). Section 9B prohibits the sale of prescribed drug paraphernalia, such as bongs and ice pipes, in South Australia. The amendments will also allow the Governor to approve, by proclamation, the term

Transport and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
Cabinet approved the introduction of the Transport and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009. The Bill amends legislation administered by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), and the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. The amendments are to: remove a redundant requirement for the general manager of Maritime Safety Queensland to prepare a strategic plan; clarify that TMR’s j