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Final Regional Plans developed under the Blueprint for the Bush initiative
The Central West, South West and Maranoa-Balonne Regional Plans (the plans) aim to build sustainable, liveable and prosperous regions for the next 20 years. The key outcome for each region is to strengthen and diversify economic activities in the region. The plans are prepared under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 and are the first regional plans to be prepared in western Queensland. The Central

ClimateQ toward a greener Queensland
The Queensland Government has undertaken a review of the State’s key climate change strategy - ClimateSmart 2050: Queensland climate change strategy 2007 and ClimateSmart Adaptation 2007-12: an action plan for managing the impacts of climate change. The revised Queensland climate change strategy, ClimateQ: toward a greener Queensland (ClimateQ) represents the next chapter in Queensland’s long-t

Construction WorkHealth Pilot
Results from the Construction WorkHealth Initiative Pilot were presented to Cabinet. The pilot involved conducting health and skin assessments across the commercial and civil construction industries. Overall, 1,094 health assessments and 964 skin assessments were completed during the pilot. Data from the pilot showed that one in five workers who participated in the Molescan assessment had suspect

Criminal Code and Other Leg Amendment Bill
The Bill implements recommendations made by the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) in its recent report concerning the investigation of former Director-General of the Department of Employment and Training. The Bill also introduces new measures to allow disciplinary action to be taken against former public officials (including police officers) who had abused or breached their public obligation

Queensland Government Strategy to reduce domestic and family violence 2009-14
Domestic and family violence is a serious and complex issue. Women and children are most often the victims of violence in the home and within their relationships. Indigenous victims of violence are more likely to be seriously injured and intimate partner homicides are double that of other types of homicide. People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people from rural and remote

Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill
The Bill proposes amendments to the Juvenile Justice Act 1992, Child Protection Act 1999, Young Offenders (Interstate Transfer) Act 1987 and other Acts. A review of the Juvenile Justice Act was conducted to ensure it was providing an effective framework for a best practice youth justice system with the capacity to respond to current demands and challenges. The amendments propose to: give court

2008 Koala Coast Survey Report and response
A survey conducted in late 2008 by the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) of the koala population in the Koala Coast has revealed a 51% overall decline in the Koala Coast koala population since the last DERM koala survey in 2005-2006. In contrast with the 2005-2006 survey results, koalas in bushland have fared worst with the populations declining 59% compared with a 30% redu

Mines and Energy Leg Amendment Bill 09
The Mines and Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 contains amendments to implement recommendations from the Ombudsman’s 2008 report - The Regulation of Mine Safety in Queensland: A review of the Queensland Mines Inspectorate. The amendments will implement Queensland’s contribution to a significant national energy reform project, which has proceeded under the guidance of the Ministerial Council

Draft North West Regional Plan - development under the Blueprint for the Bush initiative
The Blueprint for the Bush initiative is a 10-year partnership plan between Queensland Government, the Local Government Association of Queensland and AgForce to foster support sustainable, liveable and prosperous rural communities in Queensland. This initiative seeks to address service and infrastructure delivery challenges experienced by regional communities experiencing static or declining popu

Organised Crime Control Bill 2009
In May 2009 the Queensland Government publicly committed to introducing legislative measures aimed at preventing, detecting and disrupting organised criminal activity in Queensland. In April 2009 the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) also agreed to develop a comprehensive national response to combat organised crime. The preparation of this bill will deliver on the Government’s commit

Response to Public Accounts Committe Report 81 - Addressing Skills Shortages in Queensland
In 2007, the former Departments of Education, Training and the Arts (DETA), Employment and Industrial Relations (DEIR), and Tourism, Regional Development and Industry were audited by the Queensland Audit Office (QAO) to ascertain if these agencies had suitable frameworks and systems in place to identify and address existing and emerging skills shortages in the state. In November 2007, the Auditor

Public Nuisance Ticketing Trial
On 1 January 2009, a 12-month trial of the use of infringement notices (tickets) for public nuisance, public urination and associated offences commenced in the South Brisbane and Townsville Police Districts. This trial was initiated in response to recommendations contained in the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s report, Policing Public Order: A review of the public nuisance offence (2008). The tr

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Legislation
On 12 March 2008, the Premier announced that that a new civil and administrative tribunal was to commence in the second half of 2009 The new tribunal would deal with a range of matters currently dealt with by tribunals as well as some civil disputes (including small claims and minor debt matters) and a range of administrative decisions that are currently dealt with in the courts. The Queensland

Resorts and Other Acts Amendment Bill
Cabinet has been presented with a proposed two phase approach to reforming resort legislation canvassing: Introduction of interim measures through the proposed Resorts and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2009 to address pressing equity and procedural issues at the six resorts in Queensland governed by the Sanctuary Cove Resort Act 1985 (SCRA) and the Integrated Resort Development Act 1997 (IRDA). This

Right to Information and Information Privacy Bills 2009
On 4 December 2008, the Government released exposure drafts of the Right to Information Bill, the Right to Information Regulation and the Information Privacy Bill 2009. The draft Bills were released for public consultation for a period of almost four months until 31 March 2009. The Bills implement recommendations of the review of the operation of Queensland’s Freedom of Information Act 1992 und

Significant Appointments - May 2009
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Premier and Minister for the Arts  Library Board of Queensland Dr Dale Spender Until 7 February 2011  Queensland Theatre Company Dr Kate Foy Mr Terence O’Dwyer Professor Ian O’Connor Ms Penny Everingham Ms Barbara Houlihan Mr Kent Beasley Ms Sharyn Ghidella

Water and Another Act Amendment Bill 2009
The Queensland Water Commission (the QWC), was established under the Water Act 2000 (Water Act) in June 2006, and is an independent statutory body responsible for ensuring sustainable water supplies in the South East Queensland region (SEQ region) and other designated regions. The Commission is responsible for developing long term water supply strategies, establishing a regional water grid, imple