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Criminal History Screening Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
The Criminal History Screening Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 proposes to streamline criminal history screening for Queenslanders. These arrangements will reduce duplication of screening and achieve consistency in screening for persons providing services to children and young people or working in a place where the Department of Communities funds or provides disability services, while maintaining

Future Trusteeship of the Mona Mona Reserve
The Mona Mona Reserve (the Reserve) is a Reserve for Departmental and Official Purposes of approximately 1600 hectares, located 25 kilometres from Kuranda and inside the World Heritage Wet Tropics Area. The Department of Communities is Trustee of the Reserve. During the 2009 election campaign, the Government committed to re-examine the future land tenure for the Reserve. In mid-2009, an indepen

Qld Govt sub to CMC re alleged misuse of public money
On 23 November 2009, the Crime and Misconduct commenced public hearings in relation to the allegations of official misconduct involving a former Ministerial adviser involving alleged misuse of public money. During the hearing, the CMC Chairperson stated that he would invite submissions from any interested party on the wider issues of what recommendations should be made with respect to the way the

Moratorium Notice for the Wet Tropics River Basins
The Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Minister for Trade, published a Moratorium Notice under the Water Act 2000 in the Wet Tropics area prior to the commencement of the preparation of the Wet Tropics Water Resource Plan. A moratorium places a hold on further water development and allocation, where such action is needed to protect natural ecosystems or existing entitlements. It

Private Investment in tourism infrastructure
Tourism on Queensland’s protected areas is an important contributor to Queensland’s economy. Tourism opportunities in semi-permanent low impact eco-tourism infrastructure on and adjacent to Queensland’s protected areas will be offered while retaining State ownership. Strict sustainability guidelines will ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment and proponents will be required to dem

Qld Road Safety Action Plan - speed management and drink driving
The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and the Queensland Police Service (QPS) have developed the Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2010-11 (the 2010-11 Action Plan) in close collaboration. Two major areas of road safety work to be reflected in the 2010-11 Action Plan are speed management and drink driving. Independent analysis suggests that the greatest road safety benefit can be achie

Family Responsibilities Commission Quarterly Report July-Sep 2009
The first Quarterly report on key indicators in Queensland’s discrete Indigenous communities for the period January – March 2008 was tabled by the Premier in Parliament on 6 June 2008. Reports have since been released for April – June 2008, July – September 2008, October – December 2008, January – March 2009 and April – June 2009. The reports provide a statistical summary of key indicators for h

Significant Appointments - December 2009
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Premier and Minister for the Arts  Board of Screen Queensland Pty Ltd Professor Peter Coaldrake (chair) Mr Christopher Nyst Mr John Menzies Ms Cathy Overett 21 December 2009 to 20 January 2012  Deputy Premier and Minister for Health  Mental Health Review Trib

Policy and Planning Framework for Strategic Cropping Land
The State’s current instrument for protecting agricultural land, State Planning Policy 1/92: Development and conservation of agricultural land (SPP 1/92), is focused on the issue of urban encroachment. It lacks mechanisms for consideration of agricultural land in a range of other development decisions. The review of SPP 1/92 has been completed and recommends replacing SPP 1/92 with a new State Pla

Transit Oriented Development Publications
Transit oriented development (TOD) has been a primary land-use planning strategy of successive South East Queensland (SEQ) regional plans including the recently released South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009 – 2031 (SEQ Regional Plan). TOD is characterised by a rapid and frequent transit service; high accessibility to the station; mixed-uses; good quality public spaces; pedestrian and cyclist-

Tourism in Protected Areas
Tourism on Queensland’s protected areas is an important contributor to Queensland’s economy. Providing a system of management that enables the development of a sustainable nature-based tourism industry and ensures minimal impact on the unique natural values of our protected areas are fundamental objectives of the Tourism in Protected Areas policy. This policy also creates a more secure and busine

Water Planning Process Review
The Department of Environment and Resource Management developed a Single Process framework for water resource planning that improves the efficiency of the water resource planning process. The Single Process framework streamlines the current water planning process through retaining the essential steps for development of a water plan and refining many resource-intensive processes. The new framewo