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Brokering Balance
On 12 March 2008, the Premier announced that Ms Simone Webbe and Professor Patrick Weller AO had been appointed as the independent reviewers of government boards, as part of a suite of public sector reforms. According to the terms of reference, the aim of the review is to reduce bureaucracy and unnecessary red tape; improve the overall efficiency of government bodies; and maintain the integrity a

Criminal Code and Misconduct Amendment Bill
The Crime and Misconduct and Summary Offences Amendment Bill 2009 contains amendments to the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001 and the Summary Offences Act 2005. The Bill amends the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001 to validate past and future use of general ‘umbrella’ referrals of major crime to the Crime and Misconduct Commission and to subject general referrals to periodic review to ensure they remain

Events Industry Review
The events industry in Queensland is diverse and complex with various players involved in optimising event opportunities for the state. These range from Queensland Government departments and agencies such as QEC and Stadiums Queensland, local councils, event organisers, sporting bodies, conference organisers and convention bureaus. An external review was commissioned to examine the events industr

Fitzroy River Basin
Following major local flooding in January 2008, a number of coal mines in the Fitzroy River Basin were flooded. Several mines, including the Ensham coal mine, applied to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approval to discharge mine affected flood waters. In mid-2008 water monitoring indicated that salinity was increasing in waterways, dams and weirs downstream of the Ensham discharge.

Family Responsibilities Commission Reports 1 and 2
The Cape York Welfare Reform trial taking place in four communities (Hopevale, Aurukun, Coen and Mossman Gorge) encompasses a range of initiatives under four streams – Housing, Education, Economic Opportunity and Social Responsibility. The Family Responsibilities Commission is a key component of the Social Responsibility stream of the Cape York Welfare Reform trial and supports the trial’s princi

Govt Response to Altruistic Surrogacy
On 14 February 2008, the Legislative Assembly resolved to appoint the Investigation into Altruistic Surrogacy Committee (the Committee). On 8 October 2008, the Committee tabled its report in the Legislative Assembly, Investigation into the Decriminalisation and Regulation of Altruistic Surrogacy in Queensland (the Surrogacy Report). The Committee recommended that altruistic surrogacy be decrimina

Gov Response to Travelsafe Report
The Select Committee on Travelsafe (the Committee) tabled Report No. 51: Report on the Inquiry into Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (the Report) on 9 September 2008. The Committee made six recommendations in the Report. Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (ANPR) is a technology used to detect and digitally read vehicle registration plates from camera images. Images can be l

Green Army
The global financial crisis has resulted in a rapid deterioration in world growth. The consequence of slowed economic growth in Queensland is a predicted rise in unemployment in 2009-10 to well over 6%. To increase job creation efforts targeted at the long-term unemployed and young unemployed people – as part of its recent employment election commitment the Government announced the Green Army to

IGA for National Licensing
In July 2008, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to establish a national licensing system for specified occupations. The system will see a national approach to the licensing of a range of economically important occupations aimed at reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and individuals and promoting greater workforce mobility. Once established, workers and contractors in

Integrated Planning Amendment Regulation (No 1) 2009
The Federal Government’s National Building – Economic Stimulus Program (NBESP) aims to generate employment through a number of components including accelerated schools and social housing infrastructure programs. Queensland’s land use planning and development framework has in-built mechanisms to facilitate development on school land, primarily through the community infrastructure designation proces

Moreton Bay Marine Park
The key legislation governing the contracting and provision of passenger transport services in Queensland is the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 (the Act). The key objective of the Act is “to achieve the best possible public passenger transport at reasonable cost to the community and government, keeping government regulation to a minimum". Section 37 of the Act defines the pu

Pacific Adventurer Oil Spill
At approximately 3:15am on Wednesday 11 March 2009, the container ship Pacific Adventurer lost 31 containers each containing 19.5 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, about seven nautical miles east of Cape Moreton. The falling containers ruptured the ship’s fuel tanks, causing it to leak approximately 270 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, which subsequently impacted southern Queensland shorelines. Maritime Safe

Prep School Capital Works
In October 2007 the Parliamentary Public Works Committee announced an inquiry into the prep school year capital works program. The Committee tabled its report on 2 December 2008 (Report 100). The report found that the Prep School Year Capital Works Program was suitable, necessary and advisable; that it provided reasonable value for money; that the work will have a positive impact on the community

Quarterly Report ATSI Oct to Dec 2008
The first Quarterly report on key indicators in Queensland’s discrete Indigenous communities for the period January – March 2008 was tabled by the Premier in Parliament on 6 June 2008. Reports have since been released for April – June 2008 and July – September 2008. The Reports provide a statistical summary of key indicators for health and wellbeing across the 19 discrete Aboriginal and mainla

The Reef Water Quality Protection Plan
The Reef Water Quality Protection Plan (Reef Plan) launched in 2003 was a 10-year joint Australian and Queensland government commitment to halting and reversing the decline in water quality entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. Its objectives were to reduce pollutants such as sediments, nutrients and pesticides in waterways flowing to the Reef and to rehabilitate and conserve areas of the catchm

Reintroduction of lapsed Bills
When the election was called on 23 February 2009, the Parliament was dissolved by proclamation of the Governor. The dissolution has significant effects on the Parliament as follows: All business on the Notice Paper including Government Bills, Private Members Bills and Questions On Notice lapse; All notices of motions remaining on the Notice Paper such as revocation motions lapse, except for disa

SDPC Review of Police
In June 2008, the Service Delivery and Performance Commission (SDPC) completed a performance review of the Queensland Police Service. The review found many positives, including a strong service delivery culture, significant progress in raising professionalism and ethical practice, and a strong commitment to training supporting the health and well-being of officers. Areas identified as needing impr

Significant Appointments April 2009
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Economic Development  Boards of Port of Brisbane Corporation Limited Port of Townsville Corporation Limited and QR Limited Ms Susan Rix Mr Michael Stolz Mr Stephen Cantwell Honourable Tony McGrady Mr Peter Gregg 7

Superannuation State Public Sector Bill 2009
The Bill ensures that, following the sale of a government asset, normally to private organisations, the employer is bound by the QSuper rules in relation to the superannuation conditions of the employees transferred as part of the sale. The Bill provides for QSuper to accept employer contributions for spouse account holders, making QSuper’s arrangements consistent with other public sector and loca

Vegetation Management Regrowth Bill 2009
On 7 April 2009, the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Minister for Trade announced his intention to introduce a three month moratorium on the clearing of all native vegetation within 50 metres of a watercourse in priority reef catchments and endangered regrowth vegetation in rural areas across the State. This delivers on commitments to protect endangered regrowth vegetation an

Wild Dogs
In 2008 the Premier engaged Mr Peter Kenny to undertake a review of the Queensland Wild Dog Strategy and the Memorandum of Understanding for the management of wild dogs inside the wild dog barrier and check fences. The 22 recommendations arising from this review have now been considered by the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. The Department supports or supports in p