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Access to agricultural land by the minerals and petroleum resources sector
Cabinet considered a proposed strategy to address key issues arising from the current debate around access to agricultural land by the minerals and petroleum resources sector, the catalyst for which has predominantly been the rapid growth of coal and coal seam gas exploration in the Surat Basin. While the State will reap economic rewards from the expansion of resource exploration and development,

Acquisition of Land and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
The Acquisition of Land Act 1967, which has had no major amendments for almost 40 years, provides the processes to be followed by constructing authorities empowered under State legislation to compulsorily acquire land for public purposes. Compulsory acquisition is also guided by an extensive body of case law. It is in the State’s interest to ensure that there are no delays in completing compulsor

Amendments to the Integrated Planning Act 1997
The Queensland Heritage and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2007 (QHOLAA) has impacted on development in two ways: upon commencement of the QHOLAA on 31 March 2008, heritage places identified by local Councils became ‘local heritage places’ under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992; and the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA) was also amended so that all aspects of development on a local heritage pla

Appointment of public servants to Government boards
Public servants may be appointed to a Government board as a departmental or Government representative linked with their tenure, or they may be appointed to a Government board in a personal capacity. Generally public servants who are appointed to Government boards because of their Government held position, such as departmental or Government representatives, are not entitled to receive remuneration.

Auditor-General Bill 2008
The public sector financial legislation in Queensland consists of the Financial Administration and Audit Act 1977 (the Act), and its subordinate legislation the Financial Management Standard 1997 and the Financial Administration and Audit Regulation 1995 (the Regulation). Part 5 of the Act establishes the Office of the Queensland Audit Office (QAO) and defines the method, terms and conditions of a

Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Bill 2008
The purpose of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Bill 2008 is to provide a uniform, State-wide legislative framework for the effective management of cats and dogs to: encourage responsible cat and dog ownership; promote the effective management of cats and dogs; and protect the community through the identification and control of dangerous, menacing and restricted dogs. The purpose of the Bill

Qld Climate Change Centre of Excellence Key Projects and Achievements March07-June08
The formation of the Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence (the Centre) brought together climate science and policy functions from the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Natural Resources and Water. The Centre is today an integral part of the Office of Climate Change within the portfolio of Sustainability, Climate Ch

Qld Closing the Gap 2007-08 Report Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
The Queensland Government, as a member of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), has committed to the following six key targets to prioritise ‘closing the gap’ on Indigenous disadvantage: closing the life expectancy gap within a generation; halving the mortality gap for children under five within a decade; halving the gap in reading, writing, and numeracy within a decade; at least halv

Corrective Services Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 (No 2)
After two years since the commencement of the Corrective Services Act 2006 there have been a number of policy issues that have needed refinement as a part of on-going review of corrective services legislation. The amendments proposed by this Bill can be categorised as either (i) amendments designed to update legislation in line with policy updates and business practice of Queensland Corrective Ser

Draft SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031 and Draft State Planning Regulatory Provisions
The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2005-2026 (SEQ Regional Plan) was released in June 2005. It sets out the Queensland Government’s strategy for managing rapid growth and development in South East Queensland (SEQ). The SEQ Regional Plan includes a provision that it be formally reviewed every five years. In May 2008, the Premier announced that the timeframe for the review of the SEQ Regional

Environ Protection (Air) Policy 2008 and Environ Protection (Noise) Policy 2008
The Environmental Protection (Air) Policy 1997 and the Environmental Protection (Noise) Policy 1997 are the main legislative instruments for managing air and acoustic quality in Queensland. The Policies are subordinate legislation under the Environmental Protection Act 1994. The proposed Environmental Protection (Air) Policy 2008 and the Environmental Protection (Noise) Policy 2008 identify the va

Health and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
The Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 will amend the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 to ban smoking in cars with children under 16 and enable local governments to regulate smoking in pedestrian malls and at public transport waiting points. The Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 will also be amended to enable the Queensland Police Service to enforce the ban on sm

Implement recs from Ombudsman’s report - regulation of mine safety in Qld
In May 2007 the Queensland Ombudsman informed the Director-General of the Department of Mines and Energy of his intention to conduct an investigation of the Queensland Mines Inspectorate. The Queensland Mines Inspectorate is responsible for developing and administering legislation and policy governing coal and metalliferous mine safety and health issues in Queensland. The Ombudsman’s final repor

Increase to the penalty unit value
Cabinet considered an increase to the penalty unit value from $75 to $100. Cabinet approved an increase in the penalty unit amount from $75 to $100 to reflect movements in the Consumer Price Index, commencing 1 January 2009. Cabinet approved the penalty unit increase be reviewed every three years to take account of CPI increases. Cabinet approved amendments to the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992

Land Tax and Taxation Administration Act Amendment Bill 2009
Cabinet considered proposed amendments to the Land Tax Act 1915 and the Taxation Administration Act 2001. The amendments will be contained in the draft Land Tax and Taxation Administration Act Amendment Bill 2009 which will be released for public consultation. Consultation on the draft Land Tax and Taxation Act Amendment Bill 2009 will include publishing the draft Bill on the Office of State Reven

Logan Basin Draft Resource Operations Plan 2008
On 1 March 2007, the Water Resource (Logan Basin) 2007 (the water resource plan) was approved by the Governor in Council and became subordinate legislation to the Water Act 2000. The water resource plan’s provisions must be applied by the chief executive of the Department of Natural Resources and Water in making decisions about the allocation and management of surface water in the plan area. R

Queensland Motorcycle Safety Strategy 2009-2012
Motorcycle riding is a higher risk activity than driving a motor vehicle. In Queensland in 2007, there were 73 motorcycle fatalities. The draft Queensland Motorcycle Safety Strategy 2009-2012 (the Strategy) outlines a proposed direction for the Queensland Government to take over the next four years to enhance motorcycle safety. Contained within the Strategy are a number of actions that will be co

Trans Leg (New Qld Driver Licensing) Amend Bill 2008 and Adult Proof Age Card Bill 2008
The Transport Legislation (New Queensland Driver Licensing) Amendment Bill 2008 will facilitate the introduction of smartcards for transport authorities including driver licences. The Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995, Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994, Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 and Tow Truck Act 1973 will be amended to: allow for the taking,

Property Law Act and Another Act Amendment Bill 2008
The Bill amends the Property Law Act 1974 and the Duties Act 2001 following the Commonwealth Government’s acceptance of the referral of the Queensland Government’s power over financial matters arising from de facto relationship breakdown. Currently, de facto couples who separate in Queensland must access two different jurisdictions to have disputes resolved.  Disputes about the division of propert

Planning (Urban Encroachment - Milton Brewery) Bill 2008
Under the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2005-2026, infill and redevelopment in existing urban areas and residential development in existing rural areas is encouraged as efficient land use planning to manage this population growth. This development is leading to increased population densities, at times in areas where existing industry operations are located. There is a mixed-use developmen

Quarterly Public Hospitals Performance Report September 2008
Cabinet considered the Public Hospitals Performance Report for the September 2008 quarter. Hospital Activity In the September quarter 2008 there was a total of 221,319 admitted patient episodes of care, up by 12,358 or 5.9% from the same period last year. Emergency Department Performance During the September quarter 2008 there were 277,109 emergency department presentations in Queensland’s 27 lar

Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2008
Amendments are proposed to be made to the following legislation - Duties Act 2001 Electricity Act 1994 First Home Owner Grant Act 2000 Fuel Subsidy Act 1997 Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 Integrated Planning Act 1997 Land Tax Act 1915 Liquor Act 1992 Liquor and Other Acts Amendment Act 2008 Pay-roll Tax Act 1971 Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 Racing Act 2002 South Bank

Review of the domestic discipline defence
Section 280 of the Criminal Code makes it lawful for a parent or carer to use such force to a child as is reasonable in the circumstances for the purposes of correction, discipline, management or control. In order to examine whether the existence of this defence is impacting on the prosecution of abusive parents, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General reviewed 198 cases accused of parent/c

Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2008-2009
Queensland Transport, as lead road safety agency, is promoting a cooperative model for road safety policy and strategy in Queensland with its key road safety partners, the Queensland Police Service and the Department of Main Roads. It is recognised that road safety policy requires balanced attention to the road environment, vehicle safety and safe speeds, as well as road user behaviour. This is s

SDPC reviews Dept Employment and Industrial Relations and WHS Regulation
In June 2008, the Service Delivery and Performance Commission (SDPC) completed a performance review of the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (DEIR) and a review of the roles and responsibilities of Queensland Government agencies in the administration of workplace health and safety (WHS) regulation as part of its 2007-2008 Work Program. The review of DEIR found that the Department h

SDPC Reviews Queensland Transport and Dept Main Roads and RoadTek
Between October 2007 and June 2008, the Service Delivery and Performance Commission undertook reviews of the Department of Transport and the Department of Main Roads as part of its 2007-2008 Work Program. The purpose of these reviews was to improve service delivery and performance management in these departments. In addition, the review of the Department of Main Roads also examined whether the

Significant Appointments November 2008
Cabinet considered and supported the following significant appointments. Name of Body Names of Appointees Term of Appointment  Minister for Public Works, Housing and Information and Communication Technology  Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland Professor Elizabeth Taylor (Chairperson) Christine Stevenson (member) Charles Ware (member) 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2011  Board o

Storm Damage in South East Queensland
Cabinet considered a submission from the Premier and the Minister for Emergency Services on the recent storm damage in South East Queensland. Cabinet noted the submission from the Premier and the Minister for Emergency Services in relation to the damage caused to South East Queensland by the storm on Sunday 16 November 2008. Attachments Nil

Summary Offences and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2008
The Crime and Misconduct Commission report on the public nuisance offence, Policing Public Order: A review of the public nuisance offence was tabled in Parliament on 23 May 2008. The report concluded that the new public nuisance offence did not appear to have a significant impact on public nuisance offending or on the police and courts response to it. The report also found that marginalised gro