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    Response to Private Member's Bill - Juvenile Justice (Sentencing Principles) Amendment Bill 2009
    The member for Southern Downs, Mr Lawrence Springborg MP, introduced the Juvenile Justice (Sentencing Principles) Amendment Bill 2009 as a Private Member’s Bill on 3 June 2009. The Explanatory Notes to the Bill state the purpose of the Bill is to amend the Juvenile Justice Act 1992 to remove reference to detention as a last resort. Cabinet considered that the removal of the principle of detenti

    Logan Beenleigh Young Persons Project
    The Logan-Beenleigh Young Persons Project is part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to tackling social exclusion. It is based on evidence that there are pockets of entrenched disadvantage in Queensland where, despite increasing government investment, the demand for intensive and costly interventions rise. An integrated service delivery model was developed, which provides an opportunity for

    Youth Violence Taskforce Report 2007
    In October 2006, following the tragic death of teenager Matthew Stanley, the Queensland Government announced the formation of the Youth Violence Taskforce (Taskforce). The Taskforce was made up of Government representatives, community members and young people. Over 12 months the Youth Violence Taskforce examined ways to reduce incidents of violent behaviour involving young people with a view t

    Qld Govt Submission to Senate Inquiry into Suicide in Australia
    On 10 September 2009, the Senate requested that the Community Affairs References Committee to conduct an inquiry into matters relating to the impact of suicide on the Australian community, including high risk groups such as Indigenous youth and rural communities. The Premier of Queensland was invited by the Chair of the Senate Committee to provide a written submission addressing issues relevant to

    Qld Implementation Plan Protecting Australias Children
    On 30 April 2009, the Council of Australian Governments endorsed “Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business: National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009–2020” (the national framework). The aim of the national framework is to achieve the high-level outcome that Australia’s children and young people are safe and well with the target of a substantial and sustained reduction in chil

    Criminal Law Amendment Bill No.2 2012
    As part of its pre-election commitments, the Government committed to: ensuring that victim impact statements be read out in court if the victim wishes; toughening the sentencing laws for drug traffickers who target children; requiring drug traffickers to serve at least 80 percent of their sentence before parole eligibility; and requiring all graffiti offenders to remove graffiti and to strengthen

    Youth Justice (Boot Camp Orders) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
    As part of its 2012 election commitments, the Government committed to a two year trial of a youth boot camp diversion program. The youth boot camp diversion program, which consists of an early intervention boot camp in the Gold Coast area and a sentenced youth boot camp program in the Cairns and surrounding area, is an initiative under the Safer Streets Crime Action Plan. These programs will targ

    Expanding Youth Boot Camp Trial and Youth Justice Blueprint
    There is widespread community concern about crime and Queensland communities are seeking more effective responses to youth crime, in particular. This Government has delivered the first step towards reforming the youth justice system with the introduction of the trial of youth boot camps and the announcement of the review of the Youth Justice Act 1992 as part of the Government’s Six Month Action Pl

    Commission of Inquiry into the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre
    The Queensland Government publicly committed to establish a Commission of Inquiry into the decisions and circumstances surrounding the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre at Wacol (BAC). The Commission of Inquiry will make full and careful inquiry into the: decision to close the BAC and cease the on-site integrated education program delivered by the BAC Special School; alternatives considere

    Improving mental health outcomes for young people in North Queensland and review of fatal mental health events
    Rebuilding intensive mental healthcare for young people in North Queensland The Government’s election commitment Rebuilding intensive mental healthcare for young people, proposes an expansion of services in Townsville for young people with serious mental health issues and includes the following components: establish youth residential rehabilitation facilities for up to eight young people; and est

    Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
    A first stage of reforms has been completed in relation to legislative amendments to the Youth Justice Act 1992, Childrens Court Act 1992, and Penalties and Sentencing Act 1992. The Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 provides for the: reinstatement of both the sentencing principle in the Youth Justice Act 1992 that a detention order and detaining of a child in custody for an

    Implementation plan for Government response to Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry Report
    The Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry Report and the Queensland Government’s Response were released on 18 July 2016. The Government response accepted all six recommendations of the Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry Report in principle.  Also on 18 July 2016, Government publicly committed to developing a detailed plan for implementation of the Queensland Government Res

    Youth Justice and Other Legislation (Inclusion of 17 year old Persons) Amendment Bill 2016
    The youth justice system in Queensland currently applies to young people aged between 10 and 16 years of age, with 17-year-olds treated as adults in the criminal justice system. Inclusion of 17-year-olds in the adult criminal justice system is inconsistent with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the law in all other Australian states and territories. It is also inconsist

    Queensland Youth Strategy Building young Queenslanders for a global future
    The Queensland Youth Strategy: Building young Queenslanders for a global future (the Strategy) has been informed by input from more than 1200 young people from across the state with diverse backgrounds, needs and aspirations. The Strategy provides a framework of action for government, community and young people to achieve a vision where young people are active contributors to Queensland’s economic

    Report on efficacy and utilisation of Townsville youth residential rehabilitation units and family accommodation
    On 21 April 2015, Government announced funding of $11.8 million (over four years) to establish two, four bed youth residential and rehabilitation units (YRRUs) and family accommodation in Townsville. The two YRRUs opened in January and March 2016 to provide clinical and psychosocial support to a young person aged 16-21 years with severe, complex and persistent mental illness medium to long term

    Youth Engagement Plan and Youth Engagement Alliance
    Successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent education is linked to positive outcomes in almost every part of life – employment opportunities, income, health, family and community participation. For those students who are disengaged or at-risk of disengaging from formal education, targeted re-engagement efforts increase their chances of enjoying the benefits of further education, training and em

    Delivery of Government response to Report of Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry
    The Barrett Adolescent Centre (BAC) was Queensland’s only long-term residential mental health facility for adolescents at risk of suicide. Following the closure of the BAC in January 2014, three former patients died by suspected suicide, which led to widespread community concern about the processes and supports offered to patients around the closure. The Queensland Government established a Commiss

    Tackling bullying and cyberbullying against young people
    Bullying involves a misuse of power in a relationship, is ongoing and repeated, and it involves behaviours that can cause harm. While bullying can affect people of all ages, recent public attention surrounding bullying has been focussed on school-aged children. Cyberbullying refers to bullying that is carried out through information and communication technologies, an area that is notoriously diffi

    Youth Justice (Transitional) Regulation 2018
    The Youth Justice (Transitional) Regulation 2018 (the Transitional Regulation) provides for the transfer of young people who are in the adult criminal justice system on commencement (both sentenced and not sentenced) into the youth justice system. The Youth Justice and Other Legislation (Inclusion of 17-year-old Persons) Amendment Act 2016, which authorises the making of the Transitional Regulati

    Queensland sexual violence prevention framework
    In 2016, the Queensland Government released the Queensland Violence against Women Prevention Plan 2016-22 (the VAWPP) as a framework for eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls. With increasing community awareness of issues relating to sexual violence, the Queensland Government now intends to develop an overarching framework for sexual violence prevention in Queensland. The fra

    Government response to the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce Report
    The Queensland Government is committed to leading the anti-cyberbullying agenda in Australia. Cyberbullying is a serious and complex issue. The Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce, chaired by Ms Madonna King, was announced on 19 February 2018. The Taskforce undertook extensive state-wide consultation with key stakeholders and the Queensland community. The Taskforce reported to the Premier and

    Working Together, Changing the Story - Youth Justice Strategy 2019-2023
    In February 2018, Mr Bob Atkinson AO, APM was commissioned to provide advice on the progress of the Queensland Governments youth justice reforms, next steps, other measures to reduce recidivism, and recommendations for youth detention from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. In June 2018 a Report on Youth Justice was published which makes 77 recommendations tha

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