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Release of the Regulatory Impact Statement to amend the Recreation Areas Management Regulation 2007
In July 2008 the Minister released the Strategic Directions for Cooloola Paper which outlined the Government's long-term vision to protect the Cooloola coast region’s unique ecosystem while maintaining public access to one of Queensland’s most popular recreation areas. Among other things, the Strategic Directions Paper proposed an amendment to the Recreation Areas Management Regulation 2007 to cre

Land in South East Queensland for Trail Bike Riding
An inter-departmental working group on issues relating to trail bike riding has undertaken a range of initiatives to facilitate opportunities for safe and appropriately managed trail bike riding. These included consideration of strategies used in other jurisdictions, assessments of State-owned land to determine if sites were suitable for trail bike riding, and collaboration with local government,

Amendments Recreation Areas Mgt Reg 2007 to declare Cooloola Recreation Area
In July 2009 the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability released a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) which explored the options available for managing the Cooloola area including requirements for and costs of vehicle access permits. Revenue from the fees will be applied to managing visitor impacts, funding necessary visitor facilities, such as barbeques, showers, toilets and campgrounds a

Outdoor Recreation and Greenspace Strategy
The Queensland Greenspace Strategy (QGS) delivers on the Government’s Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland State-wide target of protecting 50 per cent more land for nature conservation and public recreation by 2020 in line with the strategic directions and vision for our State. The Strategy will primarily focus on policies to expand non-protected area greenspace where public accessibility and use

Quad bike safety - a coordinated Queensland Government Response
Quad bikes pose a significant safety issue for the Queensland community as they are associated with a growing number of injuries and fatalities in both work and recreational settings. This requires a whole of government approach with a suite of solutions to improve safety outcomes. The Government has committed to improving quad bike safety through a whole of government approach and developed a th

Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019-2029 - Discussion Paper
The development of a comprehensive strategy for sport and active recreation will be a key means to deliver on Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities. The Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019-2029 - Discussion Paper (the discussion paper) has been developed to facilitate community and stakeholder consultation and inform the strategy development. The discussion paper pri

Appointments to South Bank Corporation Board
South Bank Corporation is a statutory corporation established under the South Bank Corporation Act 1989 (the Act). Its principal functions are to promote, facilitate, carry out and control development within the South Bank Corporation area, and include providing for a diverse range of recreational, cultural and educational pursuits for visitors. The Act provides that South Bank Corporation must ha

Queensland Walking Strategy 2019-2029
The development of the Queensland Walking Strategy recognises the critical role that walking plays as part of a single integrated transport system accessible to everyone and as part of a healthy, active lifestyle for all Queenslanders. The Queensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029 carries forward the Queensland Government’s vision to ‘make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day' and identifies

Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy Activate! Queensland 2019-2029
The Queensland Government has developed the state’s first sport and active recreation strategy, Activate! Queensland 2019-2029, following an extensive public consultation process between July and December 2018. The Activate! Queensland 2019-2029 (Activate! Queensland) strategy has been developed in response to a demonstrated need to improve physical activity rates in Queensland. Activate! Queensla