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    Revised State Procurement Policy
    / The State Procurement Policy (SPP) sets the governance framework for Government procurement. It currently applies to departments, statutory bodies and Government Owned Corporations (GOCs). The SPP provides a framework for the conduct of procurement activities whilst advancing the Government’s priorities, and achieving value for money with probity and accountability. In late 2009, the Governmen

    Benchmarking Study Policy Principles for Alliance Contracting
    In 2009, the Treasuries of Victoria (Chair), Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales established a Steering Committee to pursue a number of joint initiatives on alliance contracting, including sponsorship of a Benchmarking Study on the value for money from alliances. In February 2009, the Steering Committee commissioned the joint services of Melbourne University and Evans and Peck to

    ICT Management within Qld Govt
    Effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT) operations, systems, procurement and initiatives are critical to Queensland Government’s being able to deliver on Government policy and to provide integrated, efficient and effective services to the community. To facilitate this, Queensland Government requires independent advice on the strengths and weaknesses of current ICT operations, syst

    Transitioning the Government’s contract payment terms
    The Government is committed to transitioning government contract payment terms to ensure all bills from suppliers to Government involving contracts up to $1 million are paid within 30 days from 1 July 2013 and to introduce a daily rate of interest payable to suppliers on any monies owed. This commitment was stated in the Queensland Small Business Strategy and Action Plan 2013-15 published in May 2

    Review of the State Procurement Policy
    Procurement transformation is a principal area of focus for the Queensland Government’s renewal program. The Queensland Government is strengthening its centre-led procurement model, and adopting a whole-of-Government approach to procurement based on collaboration, rather than the current agency-centric approach. The Queensland Procurement Policy is principles-based, and provides the framework to

    Response to FAC Report No. 57 Inquiry into Public Sector Contract Extensions
    Two Auditor-General reports to Parliament (Report No. 5 - 2012-13 Results of audit: State public sector entities for 2011-12 and Report No. 10: 2013-14 – Contract management: renewal and transition) examined the procurement practices for contract rollovers in all State public sector entities and whether agencies demonstrably achieve value for money for their goods and services contracts in their d

    Review of Queensland Government Procurement
    The Government committed to a broad ranging review of its procurement practices to ensure that probity and value for money remain at the forefront of the State’s procurement policy, and consider local content provisions as part of a new procurement policy. An Interdepartmental Committee (IDC) – Queensland Government Procurement was established and extensive consultation was undertaken with stakeho

    Moving Ahead - strategic approach to increasing participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland economy 2016–2022
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders continue to experience disadvantage in accessing the labour market, and are overrepresented in unemployment statistics. Moving Ahead is the Queensland Government’s new economic participation strategy, and aims to ensure Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people have equitable access to the benefits of Queensland’s economy. Moving Ahead

    Review of Queensland Government Procurement 2015 - Implementation Readiness Update
    The Government has commenced implementation of the Interdepartmental Committee (IDC) report on the ‘Review of Queensland Government Procurement’ recommendations. The IDC’s report made nine recommendations to establish a new procurement operating model. The proposed operating model establishes new ways of working to achieve desired outcomes, such as optimising value for money and government objecti

    Better procurement to deliver local employment, economic, social and environmental outcomes
    By enhancing procurement policy and practice, the Queensland Government can provide the required goods and services needed for the delivery of frontline services, while also supporting genuine jobs for the community, improving regional growth, stimulating innovation, and achieving environmental and social outcomes. The Queensland Government Procurement Strategy outlines the government’s vision for

    Queensland Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Procurement Policy
    The Queensland Government is committed to job creation and the development of a diverse economy. While this commitment extends to all Queenslanders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders do not participate equally in Queensland’s economy or labour market. An action under Moving Ahead, a whole-of-Government strategy to drive improvements in economic participation outcomes for Aborigin

    Queensland Small Business Procurement Commitment
    The Queensland Government has made it a priority to put Queenslanders’ jobs and businesses first. The Government is achieving this by committing to supporting small businesses to access procurement opportunities and making participation in Government procurement easier. To support the objectives of the Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 201620, Queensland Procurement Strategy and Queens

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