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Development of Shale Oil in Queensland
There are a number of companies in Queensland investing in alternative fuels projects that could lead to Queensland becoming a major producer of non-conventional oil to meet national demand and for export. Queensland contains 94 per cent of Australia’s known oil shale resources. There are potential environmental concerns related to development of shale oil, including: very large-scale mining in

Mines and Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
The Bill contains legislative amendments to the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004, the Petroleum Act 1923, the Mineral Resources Act 1989, the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999, the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999, the Electricity Act 1994 and the Energy Ombudsman Act 2006. The amendments propose to: amend the legislative framework to implement the Queensland

Oil vulnerability mitigation strategy and action plan update
In February 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency commissioned preparation of a background report to inform the development of an oil vulnerability mitigation strategy and action plan (the Oil Strategy) on the challenges and opportunities for Queensland in relation to increased oil prices and possible supply shocks. The interim report is entitled Oil Vulnerability Mitigation Strategy/Action P

Pacific Adventurer Oil Spill
At approximately 3:15am on Wednesday 11 March 2009, the container ship Pacific Adventurer lost 31 containers each containing 19.5 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, about seven nautical miles east of Cape Moreton. The falling containers ruptured the ship’s fuel tanks, causing it to leak approximately 270 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, which subsequently impacted southern Queensland shorelines. Maritime Safe

Development of oil shale in Queensland
In 2008, the former Queensland Government announced an oil shale policy that included a 20 year moratorium on developing the McFarlane oil shale deposit (near Proserpine); the development of a demonstration plant by Queensland Energy Resources (QER) at the Stuart deposit near Gladstone, and that no other oil shale development would be progressed in Queensland until QER had reported to government o

Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill 2016
The Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill 2016 (the Bill) ensures that regional communities in Queensland, in the vicinity of large resource projects, benefit from the operation of those projects. The Bill limits the use of fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workforce arrangements and ensure that local workers from nearby regional communities are not excluded from employment in the operation of tho