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Personal Watercraft Safety Consultation Paper
In March 2010 Coroner John Hutton, Southport Magistrates Court, delivered his findings into the death of a hire and drive personal watercraft rider on 29 April 2008. Coroner Hutton concluded the rider’s inexperience in personal water craft operations was the primary cause of the incident. In his findings, Coroner Hutton made four marine safety recommendations relating to: Licensing of hire an

Gold Coast Waterways Authority
A re-established Gold Coast Waterways Authority is part of the government’s commitment to improving access to Gold Coast Waterways. The re-established Gold Coast Waterways Authority will oversee the management, sustainable use and development of Gold Coast Waterways. The purpose of the Authority is to provide the best possible navigational access, boating infrastructure and waterways management at

Qld Transport and Roads Investment Program - QTRIP
The Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 requires the annual production and publication of a transport infrastructure works program. The Department of Transport and Main Roads plans, manages and oversees the delivery of a safe, efficient and integrated transport system. The 2015-16 to 2018-19 Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP) is a four-year program outlining the department’s p

Transport Operations Marine Safety Bills 2015
The Transport Operations (Marine Safety—Domestic Commercial Vessel National Law Application) Bill 2015 and the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 are cognate bills which are required to: ensure the seamless interaction between Queensland’s marine legislation and the National Law; and progress primary legislative amendments to facilitate the remake of th