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Queensland Ministerial Handbook
The Queensland Ministerial Handbook is part of the suite of Governing Queensland Handbooks. It is the primary corporate governance policy and procedure document for Ministerial Offices and sets monetary limits for entitlements and allowances for Ministers, Assistant Ministers and ministerial staff. After a period of review, the Handbook has been revised to reflect current Government policy, remov

Review of guidelines for legal assistance and indemnity
The Guidelines for the Grant of Indemnities and Legal Assistance to Ministers and Assistant Ministers (the Ministerial Guidelines), which are contained in the Queensland Ministerial Handbook at Appendix 7, state the principles and practices for determining the provision of legal assistance and/or indemnities to Ministers in relation to investigations, inquiries, civil proceedings and criminal proc

Ministerial Recordkeeping and Information Management
In response to the Premier’s public commitment to the provision of explicit advice and support for ministerial recordkeeping, all relevant policies have been updated regarding ministerial and recordkeeping and information security. Cabinet approved amendments to The Queensland Ministerial Handbook and the Ministerial Information Security Policy. Cabinet approved the Private Email Use Policy. Cab

Queensland Government Framework for Intergovernmental Relations
Successful intergovernmental relations are a critical component of the Queensland Government’s ability to deliver for the Queensland community given the interwoven nature of policy setting and service delivery and the significant Vertical Fiscal Imbalance between the Federal and State and Territory governments under Australia’s system of federation. 2020 saw major changes to the Australian federa