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Queensland Fuel Subsidy Scheme
In August 2007, the Queensland Government established a Commission of Inquiry (the Commission) to consider and report on certain matters associated with the Queensland Fuel Subsidy Scheme (QFSS). The Commission found that Queensland motorists are better off but the subsidy is not being fully passed on because the governing provision of the Fuel Subsidy Act 1997 is unclear and that the current syst

Oil vulnerability mitigation strategy and action plan update
In February 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency commissioned preparation of a background report to inform the development of an oil vulnerability mitigation strategy and action plan (the Oil Strategy) on the challenges and opportunities for Queensland in relation to increased oil prices and possible supply shocks. The interim report is entitled Oil Vulnerability Mitigation Strategy/Action P

Liquid Fuel Supply Ethanol and Other Biofuels Mandate Bill 2015
The Queensland Government is committed to growing the Queensland economy through a vibrant biofuels and bio-manufacturing industry which will support regional Queensland. One way to support the Queensland biofuels industry is a biofuels mandate. In June 2015, the Government released a discussion paper on a proposed mandate for ethanol and biobased diesel. There is strong community support for bio

Submission to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Cairns Petrol Market Study
Fuel prices are an issue the Queensland Government has raised over the last 18 months in response to community concerns that motorist in Brisbane and in Queensland more broadly are paying more fuel than in other states. In April 2016, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced Cairns will be the fourth regional location to be studied as part of its petrol monitoring arrang

Review of Industry Levy for Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment
The Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment is funded through an annual industry levy under the Water Act 2000. A review of the regulation for the annual industry levy is required every three years. The purpose of the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) is to summarise the outcomes of this review and seek stakeholder feedback on the recommendation made in the RIS. In reviewing the indu

Liquid Fuel Supply Regulation 2016
The Liquid Fuel Supply Act 1984 was amended by the Liquid Fuel Supply (Ethanol and Other Biofuels Mandate) Amendment Act 2015 to establish a biofuels mandate under which fuel sellers have obligations to sell at least a prescribed percentage of sustainable biobased petrol and sustainable biobased diesel. The Liquid Fuel Supply Regulation 2016 (the Regulation) prescribes sustainability criteria for

Fair Trading (Fuel Price Board) Regulation 2017
The Fair Trading (Fuel Price Board) Regulation 2017 (the Regulation), made under the Fair Trading Act 1989, prohibits the display of discounted prices on fuel price boards. The Regulation also prescribes a co-ordinated process for changing the display of fuel prices on fuel price boards and fuel pumps when prices change. The Regulation is intended to reduce the risk of motorists being confused by

Fair Trading (Fuel Price Reporting) Regulation 2018
Queensland is establishing a compulsory fuel price reporting scheme as there is currently no unified national approach to monitoring fuel prices. Consumers will be empowered to seek out the best deals for fuel purchases because complete and accurate information will be available for the first time. The scheme is not expected to impact adversely on market competition because it will make available