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    Environmental Offsets Bill 2014
    The Environmental Offsets Bill 2014 sets the foundation for the State’s environmental offset framework, standardising the currently inconsistent offset arrangements in the five existing Queensland Government offset policies. The Bill provides the foundation for what an offset is and how it is to be provided; complementing assessment provisions in existing legislation, which govern if and when an

    Govt Response to Committee Report No 59 Inquiry into Coastal Sea Freight
    In December 2014, the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee tabled Report No. 59, ‘Inquiry into Coastal Sea Freight’. The Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee made 16 recommendations as practical strategies that aim to facilitate the development of a robust coastal shipping service along the Queensland coastline. The Report concluded a regular sea freight service along the

    Underground coal gasification activity in Queensland
    Since 2009, underground coal gasification (UCG) pilot trial projects have been undertaken to demonstrate the technical, commercial and environmental viability of the technology, including the management of environmental impacts. The UCG trial projects have been conducted on a limited scale only. A legislative moratorium will be introduced on all activities relating to mineral (f) under the Mine

    Queensland Gas Supply and Demand Action Plan Discussion Paper
    In July 2015, in response to emerging challenges and the desire to develop a strategic policy blueprint for the Queensland gas sector, the Queensland Government released the terms of reference for the development of a Queensland Gas Supply and Demand Action Plan. Following extensive analysis and research, a discussion paper was developed. The discussion paper contains a number of reform initiati

    Queensland Government Response to the Statutory Review of the Biodiscovery Act 2004
    The Biodiscovery Act 2004 (the Act) regulates the take and use of native biological material collected from State land or in Queensland waters for the purpose of biodiscovery. Biodiscovery is the analysis of molecular, biochemical or genetic information about native biological material, and the subsequent use of it for commercial purposes. The Act provides the regulatory and contractual framework

    Management of Queensland abandoned mines and addressing risks associated with resource authorities
    In 2016, the government commissioned the Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) to undertake a review of the financial assurance (FA) framework for the resources sector. The review recommended an alternative financial assurance system and a range of complementary measures to reduce the state’s financial exposure to the costs of managing mined land. The Financial Assurance Framework Reform discussio

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