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Private Member's Bill - Carers (Recognition) Bill 2008
The Member for Burdekin, Mrs Menkens MP, introduced the Carers (Recognition) Bill 2008 as a Private Member’s Bill on 4 June 2008. The Explanatory Notes to the Bill stated that the objective of the legislation was to provide for the recognition of carers and the important contribution they make to the community. Proposed amendments to the Bill include: Inserting an objects clause that will recogn

Appointments to the Queensland Carers Advisory Council
The Queensland Carers Advisory Council was established in 2009 under the Carer (Recognition) Act 2008 (the Act) to provide advice to the Minister on improving recognition and support for carers. The Act specifies that the Council has 12 members: four carers (one of whom must be a grandparent carer), four representatives of carer organisations (one of whom must represent a grandparent organisation)