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Response to the 2015 South East Queensland Koala Modelling Study
The State Government has introduced measures with the aim of protecting koala populations, mainly through the long term protection of koala habitats across South East Queensland (SEQ). Data collected from surveying and monitoring has been used to inform an independent report commissioned by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and prepared by Uniquest. This report has identified t

Queensland Greyhound Racing Industry Commission of Inquiry - Implementation Progress Report
In February 2015, a television program aired footage of greyhound trainers using live animals, such as piglets, rabbits and possums for baiting greyhounds (a practice known as ‘live baiting’). The footage raised claims of alleged widespread cheating and illegal practices in the greyhound racing industry across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. In response, the Government established the Qu

Queensland Government response to the final Koala Expert Panel Report
In July 2016, the Queensland Government appointed the Koala Expert Panel to provide recommendations to Government on the most appropriate and realistic actions to address the decline in koala population densities in South East Queensland. The Panel has presented its final report, including recommendations, to Government. The Queensland Government response to the Koala Expert Panel’s final report a

Queensland Racing Integrity Commission progress report on recommendations of Greyhound Racing Industry Commission of Inquiry
In response to the February 2015 ABC exposé on the use of live-baiting to train racing greyhounds, the Queensland Government established a Commission of Inquiry, chaired by Alan MacSporran QC. The Commission of Inquiry delivered its final report, with 15 recommendations, on 1 June 2015. The Government accepted all recommendations, with its response committing to 75 activities to implement them. T

Appointment of Racing Integrity Commissioner
The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission is an independent statutory body which oversees the integrity and welfare standards of racing animals and participants in Queensland. The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission works in partnership with the Queensland racing industry to monitor racing activities; uphold the Rules of Racing; ensure that everyone has the opportunity to compete on an even p

Agriculture and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019
The Agriculture and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 (Bill) proposes a number of amendments to portfolio and other legislation. The principal Acts proposed to be amended by the Bill are: Animal Care and Protection Act 2001; Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008; Biosecurity Act 2014; Chemical Usage (Agricultural and Veterinary) Control Act 1988; Drugs Misuse Act 1986, Part 5B; Environmen

Government response to Inquiry into management of retired race horses
In October 2019, the Queensland Government announced an Independent Inquiry into the management of retired racing horses in Queensland. The Independent Inquiry, led by Mr Terry Martin SC, handed its report to the Queensland Government in January 2020. The report makes 55 recommendations to strengthen regulatory oversight of facilities accepting horses for slaughter; and to improve the management o

Nature Conservation (Animals) Regulation 2020
The conservation and management of protected plants and animals – collectively termed ‘protected wildlife’ – in Queensland is regulated under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NC Act) and subordinate legislation – the Nature Conservation (Administration) Regulation 2017, the Nature Conservation (Wildlife Management) Regulation 2006 and the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulation 2006, collective